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   Chapter 705 I Want to Stay

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"In my opinion," the model sneered as she addressed Charles, "Sheryl is the one who should be blamed for all that happened here. She sowed the seeds of discord among the models which eventually led to this debacle. Mr. Lu, if you really want everything to go well here, you have to fire Sheryl rightaway, because she is the real cause of all our discords."

Sheryl was totally speechless. She glared at the model and thought, 'How could she just mindlessly blame it all on me. How could it be my fault when I was the one who got framed and nearly drowned?'

She was just about to retaliate when Charles spoke. He sneered at the model and asked, "And what if I don't do that? What will you do?"

"Then don't blame us for disregarding your feelings," the model replied cheekily with a contemptuous smile on her face. She was confident that they made an excellent team and what Charles said was nothing but a threat. But if they united and threatened him with a strike, Charles might come under the pressure and dismiss Sheryl. She just wanted to gamble on this.

She looked straight towards Charles and spoke in a very calm voice, "Mr. Lu, you are rich and powerful. There would be millions of expert professionals willing to work for you. And since you look down upon us to such an extent, how about we simply quit and you can find some better models to work for you?"

Then she just turned to Sheryl and continued in a sarcastic manner, "Oh, I'm mistaken. How could I forget? You still have Sheryl to help you, don't you?"

Both Charles and Sheryl were amazed to see her audacity. Both of them remained quiet as she continued with her rude and cheeky manner as she addressed Charles. She laughed and muffled her mouth looking at Sheryl. She said, "Sheryl, ah, she is a little older than us, and she is a mother. But you do rest your heart, her stage manners is not so bad. Perhaps she can get the show done perfectly all by herself." She thought she played her cards well.

"Are you threatening me?" Charles's face was calm and absolutely bereft of any emotion. "You think you could get away with it by saying so?" he asked.

"Oh no! I dare not," she said. She chuckled, "I'm just telling you the truth. We have been friends for many years. We have been together through thick and thin for all these years. We stand by each other no matter what. If you're really going to fire Kitty for fussing

erned about our future," said one model. The salary offered by Shining Company wass so attractive. It was just not worth giving up such a large sum of money for Kitty.

"Mr. Lu, we're not with Kitty. We're willing to stay."

In an instance, the rest of the models changed their sides from Kitty towards the company. With that the matter was resolved once and for all. After that, Charles didn't pursue this matter any further.

At the end, Kitty and Tammy Tian were fired. On their way back home, Sheryl turned towards Charles, and asked, "Is it worth doing so just for me?"

"Why not? You deserve it." Charles turned towards her and smiled. He said, "I have already told you that I will be your strongest supporter here."

Sheryl lowered her head without uttering a single word.

Charles' attitude really put her in a dilemma. No matter how much she wanted to stay away from him, fate always had a different plan for them. Circumstances brought them together time and again. And she could feel her mind changing towards Charles slowly.

When he got to the door of Sheryl's house, Charles stopped and said to her, "Have a hot bath and go to bed as soon as you can."

"You too," Sheryl said in a calm voice.

The next day, Sheryl woke up late. The exhaustion of the previous day left its mark on her. When everyone gathered in the hall, they couldn't see Kitty and Tammy Tian there.

Alice had received Charles' instructions and sent them back overnight. She had already told Holley about what happened. Holley promised this must be dealt with seriously in accordance with the policy.

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