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   Chapter 704 It's Not Fair

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"Why not? Sure, I dare to take a bet with you," Kitty answered with head held high. Since many people were looking at her, Kitty was challenged by this young boy so she impulsively agreed to bet with him. Additionally, she was confident that Charlie couldn't show any strong evidence against her.

"Follow me," Charlie commanded as he turned around. He was going to the exact spot where Sheryl fell.

Charlie led the way while the rest followed him. Sheryl also stood up and followed. She was curious to know what tricks Charlie had.

"Is this spot where Sher exactly fell?" Charlie asked faintly. He turned around and looked in Kitty's direction, expecting her to answer his question.

Kitty nodded and answered arrogantly, "Yes, that is. So what?"

She gave Charlie a sardonic smile and said in a faint voice, "As you can see, the floor around the pool is all wet. It's not impossible for someone to slip and fall into the pool accidentally. Do you really want to prove that I caused Sheryl's accident by just showing us this place? That's so ridiculous. Everyone saw that she fell from here."

"Of course I know that you can't be convicted by merely showing this spot." Charlie kept calm, and his face was expressionless. He caught a glance at Kitty and added grimly, "What can truly convict you is the pair of muddy footprints."

Upon hearing Charlie's last words, everybody fastened their eyes on the footprints. Charles immediately understood what Charlie was trying to do. He delightedly stared at him and thought to himself, 'Although he's just a child, he is already as smart as his father.'

Sheryl felt a little concerned so she tugged Charles' coat tail and said, "Just bring Charlie back. He is just a kid. He shouldn't be involved in this kind of trouble."

Charles just smiled softly. He was absolutely confident that Charlie could solve this matter. He believed his son could do it well.

"Don't worry about him," Charles gently reassured Sheryl. Then he added calmly, "Since he's just a kid, he naturally has a different insight and mindset compared to us. Just wait and see. I think he re

ze until now that Charles was beating the dog before the lion and she was exactly the unlucky dog that was punished.

Now she understood that Charles was only getting even with her for Sheryl. And he was making it clear to the rest of the models that he was always on Sheryl's side and if they tried to do something unpleasant towards her again, they would never have a good ending.

Unfortunately, she didn't realize this fact earlier. Everything was too late now.

"Mr. Lu, I think this is unfair," one of the models said bitterly. She was the closest model to Kitty so it was just normal that she stood up for her. "Everything that the child said was just inference. It couldn't be considered as strong evidence. You are now dismissing Kitty merely because of his words. Are you not being unfair to her?"

"Who are you?" Charles glanced at the model. "Do you want to get justice for her?"

"I am Kitty's friend," the model answered calmly. "Nobody knows the real reason why Sheryl fell into the pool. Each sticks to his own argument. But Sheryl is safe and sound now. However, you are firing Kitty due to this matter. Anyhow, Kitty is the one who suffers losses. We all know your relationship with Sheryl. But in front of so many people, you apparently favor her. Is that reasonable?"

"So how do you think should I deal with this matter?" Charles asked. He was trying his best to pacify his anger.

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