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   Chapter 703 Dare To Take A Bet On Me

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A bitter smile crept on Kitty's face as she spoke to Charles in a shaky voice, "I know that you love Sheryl so it's natural for you to always believe in her. I can understand that." "But this time, it has something to do with my reputation. So, I hope Mr. Lu could make a fair judgement," she added.

While staring affectionately at Charles, she continued, "If Mr. Lu still chooses to believe Sheryl, then I have no other choice but to accept it. I have to admit that I am inferior to her. She is always skillful in seducing a man, anyway."

"Kitty, are you still going to inflict injustice to Sheryl? Don't you have any remorse at all?" asked Charles while pointing at Sheryl. He sneered and gave Kitty a cold stare.

Although Charles had drunk a lot, fortunately the last bottle only contained water.

Alice had been watching over Charles from the beginning of the game because she was afraid that Charles would be framed. So when she noticed that Kitty and the other models were lurking outside, she took the opportunity to pour out the liquor and replaced it with water. That was also why Charles was confident to drink it.

As she heard Charles' words, Kitty was taken aback and she felt anxious. She thought that Charles would be forced to be impartial when faced with many people. However, she didn't expect that he would still speak for Sheryl.

At the thought of this, Kitty laughed grimly. She turned to Charles and said in an aggrieved tone, "It seems that Mr. Lu has always been determined to trust Sheryl and speak for her."

"Yes, of course! That is exactly what I will always do," replied Charles with a sneer. Initially, Charles had planned to talk to Kitty in private when all people left. After all, she was a woman and he wanted to give her some face. But he didn't expect that things would turn out this way.

Now that it was Kitty who took the initiative to screw things up, Charles decided to disregard her feeling anymore.

"Absolutely, I will believe in Sheryl's words. Or do you expect me to believe you instead?" asked Charles in a cold tone. The sneer didn't leave his face while he helped Sheryl to sit by his side carefully. When Alice saw it, she hastily put a clean towel around Sheryl's shoulders. After making sure that Sheryl was already fine, Charles then turned to Kitty and was ready to give her a punishment.

However, Kitty was still kept in the dark so she laughed scornfully and continued, "Well, perhaps you are already in a relationship with Sheryl. And now that she is your lover, it is natural for you to trust

harlie. I didn't mean them. And I didn't really push Sheryl. Please believe me."

However, Charles just sneered and replied, "Charlie is telling the truth. Kitty, I think it's best that I call the police right now. I'm sure they would find out what really happened here."

Kitty's face turned pale upon hearing Charles mention the police. The models who supported her and spoke for her earlier also kept silent. They were aware that things had turned the other way around. Obviously, they would not implicate themselves.

All of a sudden, Kitty remembered the bottle of wine which Charles drank earlier. The effect of the drug should have manifested by now. But, why was he still awake? At the thought of this, Kitty realized that something was not right.

"Mr. Lu, you..." Kitty stuttered. "Are you really going to do that?" asked Kitty in a rather shaky voice. She laughed grimly and continued, "Even if you call the police, I would still say the same thing. I would definitely not admit something I didn't do. You have to be clear about that."

"I assure you that you will confess what you have done," Charlie said abruptly in a loud voice. His words caught everyone's attention. All their eyes were on him.

Sheryl also turned to him and said in a soft tone, "Charlie, don't get involved in this matter please. It has nothing to do with you. Don't worry. I will handle this. Just go and play with Shirley."

"Sher, don't worry about me. I have an evidence to prove your innocence. It is this woman who pushed you into the pool." Charlie then turned to Charles as if waiting for his approval. When Charles nodded slightly, he looked at Kitty with a sly smile and said, "Dare to take a bet on me?"

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