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   Chapter 702 Head Above Water

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Kitty muttered those words on a challenging tone.

Charles answered with a half smile, "I don't play these kinds of games."

That idea was difficult to swallow for Kitty. She paused for a while, unsure of how to take his refusal. Everyone at the bars he frequented played that game. She had done her homework! So Charles straight out rejecting it was not something she had expected.

"Come on, Mr. Lu. We're here to have fun. If you refuse, we'll have to penalize you," Kitty insisted. She was a bit irritated by that point and was having a hard time hiding that.

"I'd rather accept the penalty," replied Charles nonchalantly, refusing to give in to her whims. It wasn't his intention to be a party pooper, but he was way too familiar with these kinds of mind games.

Kitty had a feeling that Sheryl had something to do with it. So she gave her a dirty look, planning her revenge.

In the meantime, she had to deal with Charles. To make him feel the burn of his punishment, she had someone bring a bottle of vodka mixed with paint thinner. The concoction could make one extremely sick, especially if taken after other drinks. Kitty presented it to Charles in a blackmailing manner. "Well, if you continue refusing to participate and, therefore, dampen the mood of the party, you have to drink this. I like to call it the 'death trap'; it's 50% alcohol, and another 50% of... that chemical they use in paint. Can't remember the name right now, but anyway... you should think twice before making a decision."

"I don't need to think at all. Let's get it over with," Charles declared. He opened the bottle right away. Annoyed, Kitty wished him a "bottoms up" right before he poured the whole thing down his throat. With a sarcastic tone, he then asked her, "Have I paid my dues now?"

Everyone at the party was silent. Charles' stubbornness made them quite suspicious. Noticing their looks, he responded with a harsh glance adding, "All right! We have had enough fun for tonight. Party's over! Now let's all get back to sleep. Tomorrow we're coming back to work after lunch."

Kitty, however, didn't care about his announcement. She had more reasons to rejoice, especially after seeing Charles drink that entire bottle. It was then time to take care of Sheryl, who just happened to be facing the pool and daydreaming. With quick feet, she took the chance and knocked her into it when nobody was looking.

Hearing the splash, Charles instantly looked back and saw Sheryl as she was falling into t

's too much! Mr. Lu and many other witnesses were here. Can anyone testify? Did anyone see me do anything? Do you really think I'm such an evil person? Although I don't like you either, I wouldn't go as far as to kill you. What you're saying is totally absurd! You have no basis for your accusations." Kitty went on and on. She was putting on such a good act. After finishing with Sheryl, she moved on to persuading Charles, "Mr. Lu, please don't listen to her. I saw her slip and fall into the pool by herself. I don't know why she keeps insisting that I pushed her."

"Stop this nonsense! You know as well as I do that you did it. I saw you!" Sheryl exclaimed, interrupting her. That statement took Kitty by surprise. In her rush to move away from the scene, she had missed the moment when Sheryl turned around right before falling; Sheryl even caught Kitty's giggle as her back slammed against the water's surface. So Kitty's hypocrisy was truly disgusting to her.

Seeing how Kitty kept quiet, perhaps thinking about her next move, Sheryl continued, "Just stop pretending, Kitty. The truth always comes out." Sheryl was so assertive that Kitty could hardly think of anything else to say. For a moment, it felt like she had no escape.

Soon enough, however, she realized that it was Charles whom she had to convince, not Sheryl. So she quickly directed all her explanations toward him.

With sad eyes, almost full of tears, she stepped up her game. "Mr. Lu, I know you and Sheryl are together. I realize it's hard for you not to trust her. But please, for a second, put on your boss hat and look at the situation objectively. Whose explanation makes more sense?"

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