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   Chapter 701 Would You Dare Play It

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"Mr. Lu, you're finally here," Kitty said in a mincing voice as she approached Charles in a pretentious manner. Kitty actually came here today to take all the opportunities to seduce Charles.

She stood beside Charles and put her arm around him. However, Charles avoided her touch in an unemotional way.

Staring at her arm hung in the air, Kitty felt upset. But she had to pretend to be not affected at all. So she said to Charles in an artificially sweet voice, "I have been waiting for you the whole afternoon."

"Oh, really?" Charles replied sarcastically. Charles cast a glance at Kitty and asked expressionlessly, "Why are you waiting for me?"

Kitty wasn't able to answer Charles' question for a little while. She was dazed. She couldn't believe that Charles would really be so uninterested in her. All the while she believed that she was pretty and she was confident that she would be able to get him.

Well, anyone could agree that Kitty was prettier than the other models. The sexy swimsuit she was wearing today had even accentuated her curvy figure. Even Sheryl was impressed when she saw Kitty's figure. However, Charles didn't have any reactions at all.

Kitty felt more frustrated and couldn't help looking down at her figure. Was the swimsuit not fit to her?

After thinking twice, she realized that the problem was not the swimsuit.

She was wearing a black swimsuit with two shoulder straps crossed at the back and tied around her neck. It actually gave her a very attractive sex appeal.

Additionally, her wavy chestnut hair was tied in a ponytail. Her long and slim legs came under the hem. All these made her more attractive and sexy. Even the waiters couldn't help but glance at her every time they passed by. How could Charles not even cast a single glance at her?

"The truth is," Kitty started to explain after she was able to appease herself, "we have prepared some games for the party and we wished to invite you to play with us."

"Okay," Charles crisply accepted her invitation. He could already see through Kitty's scheme. The reason why he decided to agree was so he could get a chance to fail her plan and embarrass her in the end.

Then Charles turned to Sheryl and said, "Let's eat something." Charles took a bunch of roast meat and handed it to Sheryl, "Taste it."

Sheryl hadn't eaten anything until now because she was busy taking care of Shirley. So

Are you crazy? Do you want to die?"

"I..." Sheryl didn't know what to say. She just stared at Charles not knowing what to do.

Charles cast a cold glance at Kitty and said, "How about this? I'll take the punishment by drinking a bottle of beer so Sheryl doesn't need to jump into the pool. What do you think?"

This suggestion was highly agreeable to Kitty. This was actually their initial plan. She told the other models that she would take care of Sheryl to make sure that she would always lose in the game. That way, they could provoke Charles to drink more for the sake of Sheryl. She knew that Charles would always save Sheryl.

Sheryl glimpsed at Charles and said with utmost concern, "You couldn't drink any more. If you continue to drink..."

Sheryl felt worried about Charles' injury. But Charles merely smiled reassuringly and pacified her, "Don't worry. I can handle this."

Witnessing the two whispering to each other, Kitty felt more upset.

She took a bamboo stick and cut it into a size of a toothpick. Then she said to them, "The next game is more exciting."

She smiled mysteriously and continued, "This game is called Pass The Toothpick. One should pass the toothpick to the next person by mouth. No using of hands or other materials. If one drops the toothpick, he or she must take the punishment. The game won't end until the toothpick is passed to a full a circle. Then the last person should cut the toothpick into half. Then the second round will start, this time with the shorter toothpick. This will make the game even more exciting. Mr. Lu, would you dare play it?"

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