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   Chapter 700 Much Grows In The Woods

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Charles helped Sheryl up the hill, sensing her exhaustion.

Eventually, they reached the summit by 6:00 p.m. and got a chance to see the mountain resort from a bird's-eye view.

The scenery was something to die for. The sun cast its weak light into the clouds. The sky looked painted by a mighty hand. Layers of purple, orange and yellow blended into each other as the sun started sinking into the horizon. Sheryl gazed across the vast splendor of the mountains and the valley, feeling minute in comparison to it all.

Shortly after, darkness began taking over the stunning view.

The chills were creeping in through their clothes.

The temperature was dropping really low really soon, and the trail's visibility would be limited soon as well. Therefore, Charles suggested they start going back quickly to avoid any risks.

"Yes, you're right. Let's go," agreed Sheryl. Charles used his cellphone flashlight to illuminate their walk downhill.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was there, Sheryl would have not dared go up or down the hill at that hour.

However, his being there also made her more cautious. The road was dark and, in trying to walk carefully, she found herself getting quite close to Charles; too close for her comfort.

After about half an hour later, they started getting closer to the foothill. Charles remembered some rough terrain around that area and paid closer attention to the roads.

Noticing Sheryl going directly towards a large drop, he shouted, "Watch your step!" However, it was too late for her to be on guard.

She plunged into the hole, slightly twisting her ankle, and fell over Charles who rushed to hold her. He lost his balance trying to catch Sheryl, dragging her into a roll together down the hill. They plummeted down the mountainside for a few seconds before Charles decided to do something about it. In an attempt to halt their dangerous cruise, he abruptly pulled Sheryl closer as he used all his weight to break their skid.

The sudden move brought her lips atop of his. In the darkness, they couldn't see each other but they could feel their heartbeats. They stopped sliding down and remained still for a moment, their lips glued together.

Sheryl's soft touch and hot breath felt so tempting to Charles, but he contained his urges in order to avoid making her uncom

causing too much trouble for you and Alice this afternoon."

"Shirley is definitely well-educated and well-behaved. She caused no trouble at all," answered David encouragingly. He returned a smiled and added, "She took a long nap after watching some cartoons on TV. Alice has been getting along really well with her."

"Really?" asked Sheryl rhetorically. Grateful for his kindness, she insisted, "Thank you again for taking care of my daughter. I really appreciate it."

"Miss Xia, please don't bother with the formalities," David requested courteously. He was being particularly respectful toward her since Charles was witnessing their conversation. Charles had definitely taken note of David's intentions and was pleased with him as well.

As they were walking, Sheryl remembered Charles' scarred back once she got another good glance at it. She wanted to touch him and made sure the wounds were getting better but had to hold herself back due to David's presence.

He and Alice had gone to great lengths to throw the barbecue party. They incorporated all the bells and whistles that Charles had requested. The catering was exceptional; the food was excellent and the swimming pool was well illuminated.

Kitty decided to wear an especially sexy swimsuit in order to seduce Charles. Her face lit up as soon as he stepped out to the pool area. However, his eyes were focused only on Sheryl's attractive figure which was turning multiple heads, making her extremely jealous.

'Sheryl is more of a rival than I've thought!' Kitty realized.

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