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   Chapter 698 The Mountain Resort

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Charles felt slightly upset. He knew that although Sheryl already got closer to him, she still treated him as an acquaintance. That was still far from what he really wanted.

But it didn't matter. Since he was able to take Sheryl here today, he also believed that could achieve his goal someday. In time, he could get together with Sheryl again.

He glimpsed at Sheryl before he said, "Stop what you're doing for now. I'm going to take you out to dinner."

"Now?" Sheryl paused for a while and replied surprisingly. Charlie held Sheryl's hand and looked up to her with his innocent eyes. "Sher, I am hungry. Let's go eat now."

"Okay..." Sheryl shrugged. She couldn't refuse Charlie's innocent pleading look.

Charles laughed inside him. Charlie was absolutely an incredible help at some important times like this.

Charles continued to carry Shirley in his arms since he already picked her up earlier. Sheryl, on the other hand, held Charlie's hand and walked slowly after Charles. From afar, one would think that they were one happy family.

When they passed by Alice's room, Sheryl asked, "Where are David and Alice? How about we invite them to join us for dinner?"

"No, we don't need to invite them," Charles said in a calm voice. It took him great efforts to have such an opportunity to be alone with Sheryl. How could he allow someone to be a gooseberry? Even if he knocked on their door and invited them, they would definitely not dare to say yes.

For Sheryl not to notice his reluctance, he immediately added, "They must be out by now. As a love-struck couple, they didn't get a lot of chances to go out together. So, now that they got their chance, we shouldn't be gooseberries."

"It seems that you are a boss with a big heart," Sheryl commented with a smile.

When the four of them reached outside of the house, a service car was already waiting for them. As they got in, Sheryl suddenly asked, "Is the restaurant far from here?"

"You'll know it when we get there," Charles answered meaningfully.

Five minutes later, the car stopped. When they got off, Sheryl found out that they were in a vast farmland surrounded by all kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables. There was also a wide river not too far. Standing in the middle of the field, one could catch a whiff of harvests carried

ake you here anytime you feel like drinking this kind of soup," Charles sincerely offered. But Sheryl chose not to respond anymore and indulged herself in eating.

She thought that since the fish soup with tofu was unexpectedly delicious, how much more were the fresh vegetables that she personally picked. Excitedly, she gave it a try. And she was right, this was by far the most delicious vegetables she had ever eaten.

"Is it delicious?" Charles looked at Sheryl with a smile. As long as Sheryl liked it, all his efforts were worth it.

Meanwhile, while Sheryl was enjoying her dinner with Charles and the kids, Kitty was left fuming in her room.

She thought that if no one would be willing to share a room with Sheryl, she would feel too ashamed to stay. All she really wanted was for Sheryl to go back to the city. However, she didn't expect that Charles would save her and would even let her stay with his secretary.

After making some inquiries, she found out that Charles was one of the biggest shareholders of this mountain resort. What was worst was, Sheryl didn't even stay in the same building as them.

She spent a long time looking for Sheryl but unfortunately, she couldn't really find them. She only saw Alice and David having dinner together at the dining hall. She had a strong feeling that Sheryl was already having dinner with Charles this time.

"I knew it!" one model exclaimed excitedly. Those models who got along with Kitty very well got together in her room and discussed how to cause troubles for Sheryl.

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