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   Chapter 697 Let's Take My Car

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After hearing Kitty's explanation, Shirley turned to Sheryl again and asked, "Sher, I kissed Charlie. So, is he my boyfriend?"

"Shirley, that woman just lied to you." Charlie pulled Shirley's sleeve and took her into Charles' car.

Sheryl then faced Kitty and warned her, "Kitty, I know you don't like me. But we are colleagues after all. I don't think it's appropriate for you to say those words to a child. Don't go that far."

"Did I say anything wrong?" Kitty asked with a sneer. "Since you have done such infamous things, why would you suddenly care on how others judge you?"

Sheryl was rendered speechless because of anger. No matter what she would say, Kitty would never listen to her. So, it would be useless to keep on explaining and defending herself.

Charles cast a glance at Kitty with contemptuous eyes. He was considering on how to teach this woman a lesson to make her realize how inferior she was.

During this event, David came with Alice because he was given the responsibility to take care of the models' seating arrangements. When Sheryl was about to get on the bus, Charles stopped her. "Sheryl, let's take my car to go there."

Charles made it sure that his voice was loud enough to be heard by Kitty. As expected, Kitty's face became distorted upon hearing his words. She sure was very jealous of Sheryl. Obviously, she had carefully dressed up today to catch Charles' attention. Unfortunately, Charles' attention was only focused on Sheryl.

She flashed an annoyed glance at Sheryl as her reverie of being invited by Charles was broken.

"No, thanks," Sheryl rejected and shook her head. "It's okay for me to take the bus," she added.

But Charles didn't want to give in. "Shirley is in my car. If the two kids get too naughty later during the trip, I won't be able to deal with them both," he said.

Charles got Sheryl this time. She couldn't refuse Charles' reason so she got in his car.

It took them two hours before they arrived at the resort. Although it was very hot, they felt cold because of mountains, the trees, and the greens that surrounded them. They were all excited to see the beautiful scenery.

Alice booked seven rooms. She and David would share one room. Charles and Charlie would be in one room as w

Shirley volunteered to open the door. Charles and Charlie were outside. Upon seeing Charles, Shirley excitedly jumped into his arms and giggled. "I love this place, Uncle Charles."

"Really? I'm so happy to hear that." Charles held Shirley up and kissed her both cheeks. "Since you love it here, I will take you here more often," he added.

"That's great!" Shirley answered happily. As an innocent child, Shirley could only feel happy with Charles' offer. But Sheryl, on the contrary, didn't feel so.

She already owed Charles too much. If she would continue accepting Charles' offers, she would never be able to repay him in the future.

So she reluctantly smiled at Charles and politely refused. "Thanks for the offer, Mr. Lu. But I'm afraid that we can't afford to live here."

"You don't have to pay anything," Charles countered. With a slight frown, Charles added, "I like Shirley very much so I would love to take her here more often."

Sheryl was left with nothing to say. She stayed quiet for a while. "So what brought you here?" she finally asked.

"Charlie wanted to play with Shirley, so I brought him here." Charles made up a perfect excuse while Charlie cast a contemptuous glance at him.

Actually, Charles came only because he wanted to see Sheryl. But he couldn't just tell Sheryl about it so he needed to use his son to hide his true intention.

'Fine! I won't nail your lie this time for the sake of all the efforts you exerted in courting Sheryl," Charlie said to himself.

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