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   Chapter 696 What Is A Boyfriend

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Although Sue drank a lot, she was still sober. She realized that the man Anthony was talking about was Charles.

He had also talked about this matter to her the last time he had gotten drunk. She had been doubting the relationship between Charles and Sheryl since then. And now, Anthony seemed to confirm everything.

She looked at Anthony and asked for confirmation, "Are you talking about Charles?"

"Who else?" he answered with a sneer. Anthony became more sour upon hearing Charles' name. He asked Sue in an obscure tone, "I know you still love him. But why? Can you tell me why I'm not good enough for you? Why can't I beat him in your heart?"

He smiled bitterly and continued, "Besides, you also let Shirley get so close to him. I'm really disappointed in you."

Anthony cried for a while and then began laughing. "For the three years that we were together, I feel like a fool for dreaming that one day, you'll be marrying me."

Anthony suddenly gripped Sue's hands and eagerly asked, "Sher, you will marry me, right?"

Although Sue was aware that Anthony had only mistaken her for Sheryl, she had no heart to hurt him. So, she looked at him intently and nodded her head. "Don't worry, I will never leave you unless you leave me first," she added with a voice full of assurance.

That was actually Sue's inner thoughts. She would never leave Anthony until he did it first.

However, she knew that her words didn't make any sense.

"Really?" Anthony was so pleased to hear Sue's answer. He hugged her tightly, feeling like a happy kid. Sue was stunned for a moment but eventually hugged him back.

Although she knew that Anthony's gesture was only driven by alcohol, she still didn't want to escape from his embrace.

After a good long while, Sue felt Anthony had fallen asleep. She could hear his light snore. She removed his arms around her and helped him lie down on the sofa.

Anthony was still calling on Sheryl's name while sleeping. Sue couldn't help but smile bitterly.

She fetched a quilt from her bedroom and covered Anthony. When she saw him sleeping comfortably, she went back to her room to have some rest.


the lipstick on her mouth so she complained to Charles, "Sher put on some makeup this morning but she didn't allow me to do so. She even removed the color on my lips."

Charles burst into a laughter. He felt elated thinking that Sheryl beautified herself for him because it only meant that he was also important to her.

Sheryl's face blushed in embarrassment. To escape from the topic, she urged the father and son to have their breakfast.

Although they were allowed to bring their family members during the hike, other models just came alone. All of them were young and single women who were dreaming to be Charles' wife so it was already expected that they wouldn't let their boyfriends tag along. Only Sheryl and Charles took their children.

Charles prepared a bus to send them to the resort in countryside.

Kitty who was standing in front of the models was so shocked to see Sheryl got off from Charles' car.

"Mr. Lu seems to really care so much about Sheryl that he even picked her up. People might really think that he is her boyfriend," Kitty satirized with discontent. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and arched a brow.

Sheryl got a little annoyed with Kitty's nasty comment especially when Shirley raised her head and asked, "Sher, what is a boyfriend?"

"Let me tell you, little girl," Kitty butted in. "A boyfriend is a man that could hold a woman's hands, kiss her, and spend a life with her."

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