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   Chapter 695 How Do You Define Our Relationship

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He paused for a while and continued, "Don't worry, I don't mean anything. I just want to take care of you because you are injured. Even going to the restroom might be difficult for you now. At least I can help you. I can clean your room and cook for you."

"Don't bother about it. I really don't need help," Sue declined Anthony's offer. She felt mixed emotions. She laughed wryly and urged him, "You must leave now. I don't need your pity."

"You..." Anthony was upset by Sue's instant refusal. But he tried to pacify himself before he said, "Whatever you say, I still won't leave. I intend to stay here until you recover."

He cast a glance at Sue and added, "If you don't trust me enough, you can lock your room in the evening. I will sleep on the sofa."

Sue couldn't really understand why Anthony would insist to stay. He was already caught by Sheryl coming out of her apartment a few times. She stared at Anthony intently and asked, "Aren't you afraid that Sheryl might find out? Aren't you afraid that she might misunderstand you again?"

"No, she won't," Anthony replied with confidence. With hand movement stopping for a while, Anthony eventually replied Sue's question.

"How are you sure that she won't find out?" Sue asked again. Sue laughed wryly and sarcastically said, "She lives just opposite to my door. It's so easy for us to see each other. Have you forgotten we met her outside twice? Aren't you afraid that such thing will happen again?"

Anthony sighed deeply and opened his mouth to speak. "Don't forget that Sheryl will go hiking with Charles tomorrow. She won't be back soon."

Anthony's voice sounded so sad that Sue's heart melted for him.

A strong and a tall man with the height of 1.8 meters like Anthony expressed his grievance. Sue's heart ached for him.

Sue laughed wryly again. "No wonder you are very confident to stay here. You don't worry because you've already known that Sheryl will be out for two days."

Anthony paused for a while. He knew that Sue misunderstood him but he didn't have any

rson just doesn't love you at all..." Anthony moaned again. He simpered. It wasn't sure whether he was talking to himself or to Sue.

Melancholy shadowed him so he sought solace in wine. Due to drunkenness, he mistook Sue for Sheryl. He grabbed Sue's shoulders with full strength but she just endured the agony.

"Tell me, why can't I rival him? Why can't you love me the way you love him?"

Although Sue knew that Anthony mistook her for Sheryl, she still answered him with knitted eyebrows, "Anthony, you are a good person."

"But you still love Charles, right?" Anthony countered. He wasn't delighted with Sue's answer. Before Sue could speak again, he continued, "Yes, you do. It's only him that you love."

Sue didn't say a word so Anthony continued with sadness in his voice, "If not for that incident three years ago, you're probably still his wife until now... the mother of his children. We wouldn't have been together..."

Anthony spoke intermittently and unconsciously. "Sher, can you still remember? It was me who helped you flee because you told me that you wanted to forget him. But why don't you keep your words now?"

He laughed wryly, "If you still couldn't forget him, why did you accept me? If you still love him, what about me? How do you define our relationship for three years? Can you tell me what place do I have in your heart?"

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