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   Chapter 694 Anthony’s Guilty Conscience

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5423

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"No, thanks," Sue refused with a smile. Supporting herself against the wall, she turned to Anthony. "Anthony, I intervened in your relationship with Sheryl even though I know that I don't have the right to meddle in your affair. Thus, I brought myself into this mess. I don't deserve your sympathy."

She wouldn't want to be tricked by Anthony anymore.

So, she forced a smile and looked at Anthony helplessly. "Please leave. I can take care of myself."

"Sue..." Anthony was speechless. He tried his best to accompany Sue to her apartment despite her strong objection. When they reached the door, he urged Sue to open it.

Although Sue couldn't figure out Anthony's real intention, she still acceded to his demand.

Besides, her foot was already hurting excruciatingly.

When she entered her apartment, she advised Anthony to take his leave.

However, Anthony insisted to stay. He wanted to treat Sue's injured foot so he went to the kitchen to look for an ice pack.

"Anthony... you..." Sue could not figure out what was on Anthony's mind.

Meanwhile, Sue sat on the couch and removed her shoes. When she checked her foot, she saw that it was already swollen like a steamed bun. It would probably take ten to fifteen days of convalescence. She was anxious because Charles' company would be sponsoring a fashion show a month later and she would be participating in it.

In the kitchen, Anthony rummaged the fridge but found nothing useful except for a well-packed frozen pettitoes. Since he didn't have any choice, Anthony decided to use it for a cold compress. He went back to Sue and motioned her to put

ony just ignored her. He intended to do something for Sue. He wanted to make up for his misconduct.

Realizing the futility of her threat, Sue put her cellphone down.

She then turned to Anthony and spoke in a helpless manner,"I promised you that I will never interfere with your relationship with Sheryl anymore. Now, please leave me alone!"

Sue was aware that Anthony's kindness was not bound by pure love.

"I harbor no evil against you," Anthony said truthfully. He felt awfully sorry to Sue. So, he iterated his willingness to take good care of her.

"Anthony, spare me your guilty conscience!" She smiled at him coldly and said,"You don't need to be guilty. I am not blaming you for anything. So now, please take your leave."

What Sue desired the most was Anthony's pure love, not his guilty conscience.

Anthony felt embarrassed but persisted in his decision.

"You can rest assured that I will only stay here for a short while." Anthony promised Sue that he would take his leave upon her complete recovery. For now, he would serve her like a housekeeper.

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