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   Chapter 693 Have You Ever Thought About Her Feeling

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6938

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One was a handsome and rich CEO while the other was a considerate and warm man. Either of them would be a perfect husband for any woman. Now the two man were fighting against each other for Sheryl. Every woman in the world would be jealous of her.

Seeing them fighting, Sue ran up to them. She tried to tear them apart, though her strength was not enough to succeed. If they didn't stop fighting, the security would have to step in and all of them would be in trouble.

"Stop fighting," Sue urged them. She looked at the two men with brows arched and scolded,"Don't you feel ashamed that so many people are watching you fight? You are creating a big scene here and attracting unwanted attention."

However, the two men didn't care to listen to her and kept on fighting. Sue was scared that she may be hurt in the scuffle, so she stood a little away from them. Realizing that her words had no effect, she moved forward and gripped Anthony's hand with all her strength. "You are bleeding. Stop fighting! Calm down!" she said.

Anthony was seized by anger and wouldn't listen to Sue's caution. He pushed Sue away very violently. Sue couldn't balance with her heels on and fell on the ground. She let out a scream in pain and covered her ankle with her hands immediately.

The two men stopped as they heard Sue scream. They turned around to check her condition. Charles was the first to take action and he helped Sue stand up.

"Are you okay?" Charles asked Sue. Charles helped Sue sit on the bench beside the flower bed. Then he asked,"Why did you get involved in our fight? You should have had the good sense to stay out of the way."

"Fight?" Sue looked at Charles and glanced at Anthony. To be honest, she was very disappointed because Charles had rushed to her aid first rather than Anthony.

She smiled bitterly and questioned,"Are you kids? Why didn't you sort out whatever issue it was in a peaceful manner? Can fighting solve any problem?"

Charles gave a smirk and replied,"Some problems can't be solved by talk either."

"I don't understand," Sue said

sked her with concern. Sue ignored him completely. When they came to the elevator, Sue just pressed the floor number of her house and leant against the wall for support and to rest.

She felt the pain in her foot was increasing and leaning against the wall made her feel better.

"Why have you come now?" Sue asked without sparing him a glance. After what had just happened, she didn't want to be friendly with Anthony. He had been so cold with her. Moreover, she didn't want to suffer disappointment in future because of his changeable attitude towards her.

What hurt her most was Anthony's indifference towards her.

Anthony kept silent and just followed her into the elevator. When the door of the elevator opened at her floor, Sue tried to walk out of the elevator by supporting herself with a hand on the wall. Anthony walked up to her and holding her by the waist, supported her. "Let me help you," he offered.

"No, thanks." Sue shook off his hand with all her strength.

Anthony felt very sad as he saw that Sue would rather limp painfully all by herself than accept his help.

It was the first time he saw Sue so angry.

As they reached her door, Sue still refused Anthony's offer of help. Anthony followed her inside her house with a sad look on his face. After a while, he said,"Sue, if you wish, I can explain to you what happened just now with Charles."

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