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   Chapter 692 Come To Blows

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5339

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Anthony was at first stunned to be questioned by Charles. But then he recovered quickly.

Anthony turned to Charles and said,"Mr. Lu, are you kidding me when you ask me about the baby's whereabouts!"

"Spare me all this pretence and nonsense!" Charles flew into rage at Anthony's refusal to tell him the truth. He jabbed a finger towards him and bellowed,"It was you who spirited Sheryl away to America. It is you who should be responsible for her amnesia. It is only you who know where the baby is." Charles then grabbed Anthony by the collar and threatened him with undesirable consequences if he did not relent and tell Charles everything.

"Let go of me!" Anthony gave a cold smile and challenged Charles,"Yes, I have knowledge of the little one's hiding place. I choose to keep it away from you. There is nothing you can do about it!"

Anthony cast a contemptuous glance at Charles and said,"You did not come to Sheryl's rescue when she was in deep misfortune. Now you come to pester her and put an end to her comfortable and secure life."

Anthony sneered,"Charles, it would be better for you to walk out of Sheryl's life."

It was Sheryl who had been determined to take the pill in order to forget her past. However, Anthony was facing the music for that after the lapse of three years.

"I am supposed to walk out of Sheryl's life? Me?" Charles echoed Anthony's words in a sarcastic voice,"It was you who induced Autumn to drug herself when she was at her weakest. Anthony, you have craftily hidden your improper thoughts and lust for her. Do not dare to interfere in our conjugal

ny's nose bleed profusely.

Charles found that this was a good time to beat Anthony up and release all his frustrations. He wanted his vengeance and the satisfaction of hurting Anthony as he had been hurt by him.

Charles' impulse to beat Anthony up was at its peak.

A woman's shout momentarily distracted him.

Anthony took immediate advantage of Charles' distraction to gain the upper hand. "Come on. Fight me, you bastard. Let us see who wins."

Anthony sneered and spoke aggressively to Charles,"I was on the point of being engaged to Sheryl. You came back into her life and spoilt it all. Now you deserve my whipping and thrashing."

Sue decided not to go the pub. She wanted to have an early night after finishing dinner with some friends. She came back home early, only to see the fight going on between Anthony and Charles.

Sue had no doubt that Anthony had come to blows with Charles because of Sheryl. She just could not figure out Sheryl's appeal to men. What was it about her that led gentlemen to behave like beasts and fight over her?

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