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   Chapter 691 Where Is The Child

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Anthony went to Sheryl's home in the evening. When he saw Charlie there, he already expected that Charles would also come later. He bought some vegetables from the market because he was planning to prepare dinner for Sheryl so he told Nancy to just rest. Then he went to the kitchen and began preparing dinner.

When Anthony was about to put the plate of roasted fish on the table, the door suddenly opened. He wasn't surprised to see Charles and Sheryl come home together. So, he just casually said,"Oh, you're finally home. I made your favorite dishes. Go wash your hands and let's have dinner."

"Why are you here?" Sheryl asked. She was surprised to see Anthony in her home because he didn't inform her.

"I bought some clothes and fruits for Shirley earlier this afternoon. Mr. Lu's son is also here, so I thought of making dinner for them. But now that you and Mr. Lu are finally here, we can have dinner all together," Anthony explained. Then he turned to Charles and said,"Mr. Lu, please stay and have dinner with us." Anthony was acting like a host and Charles felt discontented of him. He refused the offer coldly,"No, thanks. Charlie and I must go home now."

"Hold on!" Anthony stopped Charles from leaving. "The dinner is ready. Besides, Sheryl and I have already taken you as our friend. It would be our pleasure to have a dinner with you."

Sheryl looked at Charles and also said,"Yes, that's right. Just stay and have dinner with us."

Charles eventually acceded. However, he still felt uncomfortable seeing Anthony acting like the host of this family.

Anthony went to the kitchen while Charles played with the two children. Suddenly, Shirley called out,"Uncle Charles." Shirley also liked Charles the way he liked Charlie. She ran to him, jumped into his arms and said,"Charlie told me that you bought a new toy for him. Can I also play with it?

"Sure!" Charles answered. He then rubbed Shirley's head happily.

"I will buy you one if you also like that toy," Anthony said as he came out of the kitchen. He overheard Shirley's request and felt a little jealous seeing Shirley's fondness to Charles.

Although he wasn't Shirley's father, he treated her as his own

ether, Mr. Xiao?"

"No, I..." Anthony was about to refuse. However, Sheryl agreed to Charles and interrupted him,"Anthony, you can go with Mr. Lu. Please say goodbye to Mr. Lu for me."

Anthony had no other choice but to follow Sheryl's advice. Since Charlie was with them, Charles and Anthony were silent in the elevator. But, when they got out of the elevator, Charles said to Charlie,"Charlie, you get in the car first and I'll follow you soon."

Charlie gave Anthony a cold glimpse before he went away. Although Anthony knew that Charlie was also Sheryl's child, he didn't like him at all.

When Charlie had left, Charles asked Anthony,"Can we talk now, Anthony?"

"Do we need to talk?" Anthony asked back. He smiled bitterly and added,"We just talked not too long ago, remember?" "Are you going to tell me that you already want to quit?

Well, if that's what you want to talk about with me, I'd be happy to listen." Anthony's tone sounded unfriendly.

"You know that's impossible. Of course, Sheryl would choose me at the end," Charles said in a defiant tone. He looked at Anthony's eyes and added,"You are the one who should quit. I think you can see things clearly, right?"

"If you don't want to give up on Sheryl, then I think we have nothing to talk about," Anthony said with a reluctant smile and was about to leave.

"Hold on!" Charles blocked Anthony's way. "You know that I have another child with Sher. Where is it now? Tell me."

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