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   Chapter 690 Go On A Tour With Charles

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"That is not the case. We are not blaming you for anything," said Sam with a sigh. He paused. Then he continued in a weary voice,"Have you ever considered that even if you set things right for her today, what about tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow? What do you mean?" Chris was stunned by his words. In fact, Sheryl had been too dignified to point this out to her. Sam had no such hesitation and chose to be very blunt with her.

Sam smiled bitterly and explained to Chris who was still puzzled,"They will definitely hate Sheryl more after you created a scene like this. They may make more trouble for Sheryl when they get another chance to do so. You are not helping her but actually doing a disservice to her."

Chris immediately understood what Sam was trying to say. She glanced cautiously at Charles. Then she lowered her head and dared not talk anymore.

After some time she finally said,"Charles, I..." Chris stuttered and felt awkward. She knew that she had done a blunder again.

"Well, spilled water cannot be gathered and foolish actions cannot be reversed. I will handle it," said Charles in a rough voice to his sister. He had not wanted to get involved in this matter so early, but now he had no other choice. Chris had messed it up and now his interference was necessary or Sheryl would suffer the consequences.

"Charles, we have to leave now," said Sam. He stood up, patted his brother-in-law on the shoulder and explained,"The baby should be awake by now. It is time for Chris to nurse the little fellow."

"Okay. Go ahead," replied Charles calmly. He did not bother to look at them as he said this. He busied himself with some papers on his table.

Chris had been planning to talk further about Sheryl. Now she decided to leave with Sam since she felt too embarrassed to stay in Charles' presence anymore.

After they left, Charles went downstairs and watched the rehearsal for a while. Gerry came up to Charles and said with a sigh,"These models are pretty good and highly professional, but..." Gerry stopped for a while and then went on,"But they are always causing trouble and even quarrel with each other. This is really annoying."

"Don't worry Gerry. I will talk to them and handle this. Call them together. I have something to declare," said Charles.

"Okay. I will call them right now," Gerry replied and nodded his hea

iggled. It was the first time she had seen Kitty being snubbed so openly and politely.

Kitty felt embarrassed as she heard Sheryl laughing at her. She glared at Sheryl and vowed to herself that she would strike back.

Sheryl couldn't help giggling when she got into the car with Charles. He glanced at her curiously and asked,"Why are you still giggling? Was it that funny?"

"Yes, of course." Sheryl laughed for a few seconds more and then said,"It is the first time that I saw Kitty take a beating. Obviously, your car is big enough and it is easy to accommodate her. But you fobbed her off with such a stupid excuse. Moreover, she couldn't even challenge your foolish excuse."

"So what?" asked Charles in reply. "It is my car and I am reluctant to drive her home. It is quite alright for me to decline her request. I don't care if the excuse is reasonable or not."

On hearing this, Sheryl burst into further laughter for quite a long time. "Why did you decide to take us out?" asked Sheryl as she finally sobered down.

"I know you all are tired since you have to rehearse for long hours every day. I decided to give you a day off. This way, you all would be refreshed and work harder for me," joked Charles. He glanced at Sheryl with a teasing smile.

"Wow, it seems you have your own agenda." Sheryl also grinned cheerfully.

They talked and joked with each other all the way. Soon they arrived at Sheryl's house. They got out of the car and walked in. Sheryl didn't expect to find Anthony waiting there when she opened the door and was surprised.

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