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   Chapter 689 Chris Made A Mistake

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"Mrs. Lin?" Kitty cried with bewilderment. She was confused as to why she was slapped by Chris.

Chris flashed a cold glare at Kitty and said,"Remember that I will not spare you if you dare speak ill of Sheryl once again."

"And as for the rest of you girls," she added as she fiercely looked around,"if you dare bully Sheryl from now onwards, I will beat you up."

All the models lowered their heads as they heard Chris' words. Chris glared at Kitty and continued,"I don't care about whatever woman my brother chooses to be with because I trust he has good taste. At least I know he will never choose the likes of you, so you should just give up chasing him as early as possible."

Chris sneered and added,"If I come to know you all are still bullying Sheryl, I promise that you will not find any job in Y City. All doors will close to you. You are most welcome to test it if you don't believe my words."

Kitty's face became pale with fear. Chris pushed the crowd out of her way and walked up to Sheryl.

Sheryl had heard the scolding and raised her head as Chris approached her. She looked gratefully at Chris and said,"Thanks."

"You are welcome," Chris replied. Chris was very annoyed with Kitty and she was surprised when she saw Sheryl's indifferent attitude. Chris could tell that Sheryl was accustomed to Kitty's behavior.

"Why do you not get angry? The words they said to you were really harsh," Chris asked Sheryl in a wondering voice.

"Why should I waste my energy by getting angry?" Sheryl smiled and said,"Nothing can be changed by anger. Kitty won't change her nature and she will still speak ill of me again the next time. I was really angry the first time they said nasty things about me, but now... I have become accustomed to it and don't care."

Sheryl glanced gently at Chris and said with a smile,"Don't worry. Their harsh words do not have the power to hurt me."

"You are just too tolerant of them," Chris said in disgust. She heaved a sigh and added,"If they behave in this way again, you

hat would not be solved just by scolding them. He was thinking about a more effective way to solve the problem. He was worried that his plan might fail if Chris was involved.

Charles looked at Chris with helpless eyes and said,"Didn't I tell you not to get involved in this matter? Why did you..."

Charles was interrupted by Chris,"Maybe you can see Sheryl being bullied by others, but I can't. If I know those models have dared to harass her again, I will not spare any of those bitches. I will punish them mercilessly."

"And what if they fight you? What will you do after that?" Charles asked her. "How can you be so stupid? I found you have become even sillier since you has a child," Charles scolded.

Chris was annoyed by her brother's words. "I did that just to help Sheryl. Do you mean to say that I should not do anything when she is bullied? I interfered for your sake and on your behalf. How can you blame me for that?" Chris defended.

"Chris!" Sam tried to calm her down. Then he said to Chris,"Have you forgotten the advice I gave you before coming here? Now you should..."

Chris interrupted him even before he could complete his sentence,"I just did the right thing! But now you two blame me like I have committed a severe crime. I am very upset with you both." Chris was very angry with Sam and Charles and her mood darkened.

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