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   Chapter 688 What Do You Mean By That

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On their way to see Sheryl, Sam kept on warning Chris,"I'm taking you to see Sheryl today because of your constant nagging. But, let me remind you that Sheryl has lost her memory and she couldn't remember anything. I understand you willpower to help your brother but please, don't do anything impulsive. You might just cause troubles. During my meeting upstairs, I can only allow you to see Sheryl from afar. You cannot show up in front of her. Do you understand?"

Giving Sam a reproachful look, Chris pouted and replied sadly,"How could you think of me like that? Am I really that unreliable in your eyes?"

"No, it's not because I think you are unreliable. It's only because I think you are the kind of person who couldn't be trusted enough," Sam answered without even throwing her a glance. Sam's focus was all on the road.

"You..." Chris was enraged by Sam's words. However, she couldn't find enough reasons to rebut because she was also aware that Sam was right. How many stupid things had she already done so far?

Anyway, she only came here today to see Sheryl out of curiosity. In the past, she didn't get the chance to see Sheryl because of her baby. Now she wanted to personally see whether or not Sheryl was really Autumn.

In addition, Charles had already warned her not to do anything that might backfire on them. Of course, she would obey her brother.

She heaved a deep sigh and said,"Okay, okay, I know exactly what to do." Then she added,"You have told me these words over and over again. Don't you think you are getting verbose?"

"I told you these many times because I want you to remember them," Sam answered with a shrug. He didn't want to argue with Chris anymore.

When they arrived at Shining Company, Sam was about to remind Chris again. However, when he saw Chris' annoyed expression, he changed his mind. So, he just cast a glance at her and said,"Please behave accordingly. I have to go upstairs now."

"Go ahead," Chris urged Sam to leave. She was really very curious about Sheryl. She couldn't understand why Charles would mistaken Sheryl for Autumn despite knowing his wife very well.

"Cheney, where are the models from BM Corporation?" Chris asked the staff she first saw. Since she was Charles' sister, everyone in the company knew her so she could just talk to anyone she wished to talk to.

"Mrs. Lin, the models are currently rehearsing on the third floor. Mr. Lu has arranged a room there for them. Would you like me to take you there?" Cheney answered politely.

"Don't bother, I'll find it myself," Chris refused. She actually had other plans before going to the models' room. Chris went out to look for a fru

, Sheryl unashamedly seduced Mr. Lu. And Mr. Lu seems to be charmed by her to the highest level that he wouldn't pay attention to any other woman anymore. Mrs. Lin, you are his sister. You must help him wake up and realize the truth."

Kitty gave a sarcastic laugh and continued,"If Mr. Lu really gets together with her, he also has to accept and support her illegitimate daughter. It may not be good for..."

"Who are you calling the illegitimate daughter?" Chris suddenly interrupted Kitty. Her expression hardened when she heard Kitty calling Sheryl's daughter illegitimate. But Kitty didn't pay much attention to Chris' reaction.

Kitty looked up at Chris. "I..." she hesitated to continue when she saw Chris' dimmed expression. She didn't know why Chris suddenly looked so upset. Did she say something wrong? She felt a little panicked as she tried to explain,"Mrs. Lin, please don't misunderstand me. I'm just concerned about your brother." Kitty started to feel nervous.

"I know," Chris replied shortly. She frowned and remained silent for a moment.

'Kitty must have some conflicts with Sheryl before. Otherwise, she would not keep on defaming her in front of me. I didn't know that Sheryl has suffered this much. But now that I know, I must get even with Kitty for her, ' she thought.

"Mrs Lin, I am just telling you all these for the sake of Mr. Lu. I hope you won't get me wrong." Kitty kept talking without realizing Chris' enraged expression,"Such a respected man like Mr. Lu should find a woman of his match. He should marry a woman with high morals and excellent background. Not someone like Sheryl who is notoriously..."

Before Kitty could finish her words, a slap landed on her face. Then Chris indignantly asked,"Who did you just call notorious?"

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