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   Chapter 687 Sula Took The Blame

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6347

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"It's all your fault! You brought George a lot of trouble. He shouldn't be involved in such a trivial matter," Donna blamed Holley. She cast a glimpse at Holley and added,"It was just a small mistake but you blew it up and made it more severe."

"Aunt Donna, I..." Holley wanted to say something but controlled herself and became speechless. Then, she sadly lowered her head. George got even angrier when he saw her expression.

"Mom, how could you treat Holley so unfairly? This incident was clearly Sula's fault. Why would you blame Holley, instead?" George asked his mother with discontent. He cast a glimpse at Sula with an arched brow and continued,"Sula, I once took you as my sister. I never blamed you no matter what mistakes you made. But it is different this time. What you did for many times really irritated me. I can't bear that anymore."

George stared at Sula and added,"From now on, I don't want to see your face again. If you dare do anything to hurt Holley, I will never forgive you."

"George, you're getting everything wrong..." Sula knew George was really angry when he gave her the warning. She felt so sad to receive George's wrath because what happened was Holley's fault. But George chose to blame her instead.

She stared back at George and firmly decided to fight Holley. Now that Holley had started the war with her, the only way out was to bravely fight her.

She said,"George, I admit that I love you since we were little. If this woman didn't come between us, we could have been engaged. No... we could have got married. I just wanted to have a talk with her and had no intention to hit her. It was her who..." George laughed sarcastically and interrupted Sula's speech.

"Now what, Sula? Don't be foolish in trying to attribute the fault to Holley? Do you want to tell me that she injured herself?" George gave a sneer and asked,"How can that be possible? H

o hear Sula's declaration but she was still worried. So she asked Sula,"Did you really mean what you just said, Sula? If you just want to make me happy, you don't have to say so."

Then she heaved a deep sigh and patted Sula's hand. "Although I hope and wish that you and George will be together, I don't want you to be sad because of him. I always regard you as my own daughter. If you don't want to be with him anymore, I won't compel you to do so," Donna said calmly.

"Aunt Donna, I meant every word I said because I want to be with George," Sula replied quickly. She smiled reluctantly and with bitterness and then exclaimed,"For you and I, Aunt Donna, I will do my very best to be with George someday."

"Okay," Donna said and nodded in agreement. "Sula, I will give you anything you want as long as you can drive that whore away from George," Donna offered.

Sula gave a fake smile. Although she had promised, she understood that it just got even harder to catch George based on the recent altercation and all the negativity he threw at her.

In Shining Company, Sam came to attend a meeting with Charles. Chris, on the other hand, left her child to the nanny. She followed him because she heard that Sheryl just recently started working there.

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