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   Chapter 686 What Do You Want To Do

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She looked at Sula standing in front of her and mocked,"Donna likes you so much. If possible she would marry you herself."

"You…" Sula was so angry with Holley. She looked at her coldly and said,"Don't become too complacent this early in the game. Sooner or later George will see you in your true colours, and then you will have nothing and be left with no one."

"Will I?" Holley sneered as she looked at Sula. She said lightly,"As far as I know, you were almost engaged to George. If I were you, I would be ashamed to be here. You're just an abandoned, resentful woman. You are in no position to mock or ridicule me."

She glared menacingly at Sula and added,"You just remember this! George is my man. You can never steal him from me! Get out of here as soon as you can! Otherwise, I will retaliate very harshly against you!"

"Are you afraid?" Sula sneered. "Yes, I cancelled my engagement with George. However, that doesn't mean George is yours now. George was engaged to me once, and he can be again. It is you who should give him up and leave. If you want to quit now, I'll give you a lot of money."

She looked at Holley contemptuously. "I know the reason why you want George is because he is a rich man and has a lot of money."

"How much can you pay me?" Holley asked indifferently. "One hundred million dollars or two hundred million dollars?"

"Are you crazy?" Sula stared at Holley with intense dislike. She mocked,"Do you really think you are worth that price? Get real!"

"You don't seem to love George much. If you truly love him, you will be willing to pay that money," Holley sneered. "Let me lay all the cards on the table for you. The market value of BM Corporation is 800 million dollars. What do you think I will choose?"

She moved close to Sula, laughed scornfully in her face and said,"Sula, I want both — the money and George. It seems that you still don't know me well enough."

"Holley Ye!" Sula was furious. She caught Holley to prevent her from leaving. Holley smiled in a devilish way. All she had said just now was to deliberately annoy Sula. Holley thought that if she hadn't encountered Sula this time, she would have achieved her goal.

She had decided to vanquish Sula first so that she could concentrate on Donna.

Sula just grabbed Holley

I..." Sula looked depressed. This time she had turned really careless. She didn't expect Holley to smartly turn the tables on her. She found Holley's behavior shameless and below the belt.

"Did you do this to Holley?" George thought that Holley was withholding the truth, so he asked Sula coldly,"Did you hurt her, Sula?"

Holley tugged at George's hand and said,"Don't do that. I have told you it was my own accident. It has nothing to do with Sula."

"Don't defend her, Holley." George shook his head and said,"I can't believe that you hurt yourself just walking."

"I…" Holley pretended to be at a loss for words and gave him a weepy look.

"Girl, tell your boyfriend the truth." The people in the crowd pointed at Sula and said to George,"Young man, your girlfriend was beaten up by her. She threatened your girlfriend to leave you alone and then hurt her. That is what happened and we witnessed it."

"Please stop talking, Sir..." Holley pretended to stop people from speaking out against Sula, but George had heard enough.

Looking coldly at Sula, George said,"Now look at what you've done! What else do you have to say?"

"George, this is not the truth. There is more to this whole story." Sula was anxious to explain everything to George, but George was in no mood to listen to her.

Because Sula was suffering from a loss of face and was embarassed thoroughly, Donna rushed to George and said,"Ah, it's only a minimum swelling. Holley's injury is not serious. Don't become so stressed about it George."

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