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   Chapter 685 A Trap

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Holley was not stupid enough to believe that Sula was just showing her gratitude. So, she held Geroge's arm, to make sure that her relationship with him was clear enough and to remind Sula of her place, that is, as an outsider. "It's my pleasure. George is my boyfriend and I also didn't expect things to turn out this way. I don't want anyone to be displeased because of me," she said.

The atmosphere around them suddenly turned less intense. When Holley was thinking about what to say next, her phone rang. Leila was calling. Holley frowned and excused herself,"Excuse me for a moment, I just need to pick up this call. It might be some business issues in my company."

"Go ahead." Donna waved her hand. It was a relief for her if Holley would not be around even just for a little while since she would be much more comfortable without her.

Holley was already gone but Sula was still staring at the direction where she went. She seemed to be lost in her thoughts. After hesitating for a moment, she said to Donna,"Aunt Donna, please excuse me. I just need to go to the bathroom."

"Sure," Donna immediately answered without even doubting why Sula would suddenly want to leave right after Holley went out. When only Donna and George were left at the table, Donna pointed at some dishes to him and urged him to eat more. "The food in this restaurant is very delicious. You should enjoy eating more."

"Yes, it is, Mom." George laughed heartily. "It took so long for Holley to find this restaurant. You know, she really exerted some efforts in finding the best restaurant to please you. And since you liked it, we can come here more often for dinner."

"That would be great." Donna smiled as she nodded her head. "Though I have tried a few Chinese food, I still think that Korean food is the best."

Donna glimpsed at George while she was still eating. Then she curiously asked,"George, you've been here in Y City for quite a long time. Do you find anything uncomfortable living here?"

"Nothing at all," George replied eagerly. He couldn't understand why Donna asked such question and didn't get what she meant. "Actually, for me, Y City is a great place. I like it here so much. I enjoy the food here, too," he added.

"So, you have never thought of coming back to Korea?

ly. Sula then gave her an inquiring look. "Miss Ye, you seem quite not in the mood. Is it because of that phone call?"

Suddenly, Holley's face changed. "It's none of your business.

Why are you here by the way? Are you trying to eavesdrop on my phone call?"

"Of course, not," Sula answered with a meaningful grin. "I just went to the bathroom," she reasoned.

"Bathroom?" Holley snorted. Since George was not around, there was no need for Holley to act and pretend to be nice to Sula anymore. "It seems to me that Miss Piao got a really bad excuse. As far as I can remember, the bathroom is in the opposite direction."

"Really? Then maybe I got lost," Sula answered with a smirk.

Holley didn't want to waste any more time on Sula and she wanted to go back to their room so she stepped forward. However, Sula stopped her. "Miss Ye, we've met for quite a few times already but we never really got a chance to talk. Don't you think right now is a good chance for us to have a talk?"

"Talk?" Holley looked at Sula with disdain. "I really don't know what to talk about with you. Let me just tell you this: Even if Donna doesn't like me, I am still George's girlfriend. Donna has nothing to do with our relationship. So, as long as George loves me, Donna can't do anything about it."

Holley stepped closer to Sula and whispered to her ear,"I know that when Donna brought you here, she promised you many things. But, it doesn't matter because George will never like you. You should know that as early as now."

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