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   Chapter 684 A Pretty Difficult Character

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6794

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"George, how could you do that?" asked Sula. In a fluid and easy manner, she dipped the streaky pork in barbecue sauce, wrapped it in a lettuce leaf and put it in his bowl. George and Sula sat facing each other. She spoke to him in a slightly reproachful tone,"You know what her general health has been like these last few years. But you were so angry with her and spoke such harsh words. After you left her that day, she lay quietly in the hotel the entire day and night without eating anything. If something had happened to her, would it have made you happy?"

"It's all my fault", Holley said in a dramatic tone, sitting next to him. Deep in her heart she hoped that Donna would actually fall sick and never recover. She continued,"They quarreled so fiercely because of me. I am to blame."

"Holley." Sula had a gentle smile on her face, but what she said was not gentle at all. "Whatever happened because of you is not something that is reward worthy. Don't be so anxious to take credit for it. It has nothing to do with you specifically but is a general matter between mother and son."

Sula's words made Holley sulk. At that very moment she knew that Sula was a more tricky character than Donna. It was going to be difficult to handle this woman.

After hearing that Donna was not feeling well, George looked worried. He looked at his mother and asked,"Why didn't you call me?"

"Would it have worked to lessen your anger? Would you have come running to take care of me?" said Donna, with a faint sneer on her face.

When she said this, George remembered that she had made many phone calls to him, but he had ignored them in his anger. He could not help regretting his unbecoming behavior.

Holley gritted her teeth. When Donna and Sula had entered the room, she had been having the upper hand with George. But things had gone wrong when Sula began to talk. Just a few words from her had made George worry about Donna's health. Holley knew she had to sway George soon. What could she do next?

George looked at Donna

together, you would like her a lot. But I never expected that…"

George smiled bitterly and continued,"I didn't expect that so many things would go wrong. Now that we have sorted this out, can you give Holley a chance and get to know more about her?"

"Well…" Donna frowned in embarrassment. Gave Holley a chance? That was simply out of the question.

Seeing Donna's hesitation, Sula smiled and said,"Don't worry. Aunt Donna will certainly agree."

She looked straight at Holley and added,"In fact, I didn't know what kind of person you were until today. You were willing to organize this meeting in spite of all that has happened, so I think that you must be a very generous and forgiving person. Aunt Donna, we have to thank her. Otherwise George would still have not forgiven us."

"Sula, you are right. That is true. We must say thank you to her." Donna agreed with Sula.

Getting Donna's verbal approval, Sula turned to look at Holley. "Holley, I want to thank you on behalf of Aunt Donna and George. Without you, they would not have sorted out the issue for a long time. Because of you the family rift has healed."

Sula acted like she was part of the family and an important member therein. She had cleverly turned the tables around. By thanking Holley, she actually turned Holley into an outsider and herself into the family insider.

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