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   Chapter 683 Doing The Opposite

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Holley paused and continued,"Donna's objection of me is perfectly understandable considering the huge difference in our social status and family background. I think it will take a long time before Donna could accept me and see my potentials."

"Holley, sweetheart," George wanted to console her. George frowned a little and said,"I love you because of your kindness, fortitude and magnanimity. I love you for who you are. You do not need to feel pressured every time we are together."

"I truly appreciate your unsparing devotion to me, George." Holley smiled at George. "I invited Donna to this dinner because I want to show my deepest apology for failing to pick her up at the airport on time. I know that my failure led to subsequent unpleasant encounters between the two of you. I want to make up for it. Also, I want her to give our relationship her blessing."

Holley sighed and continued,"If Donna will give us her blessing, our love will be blessed two times. However, if she still refuses to accept our relationship, we will still remain devoted to each other. We will not let it affect our relationship."

"I still believe that Donna will consider our relationship someday." Holley smiled and drew George's hand affectionately.

"I also do not want to see you being torn between Donna and me," Holley added coquettishly.

Holley rested her head on George's shoulder. "I don't want you to fall out with Donna because of me. Otherwise, I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. Do you understand?"


ou. So, your countless cunning would be in vain."

George couldn't take Donna's words anymore. It was already difficult for him to maintain his composure so he immediately spoke,"How could you talk to Holley so arrogantly and crudely, Mom? She is already doing her best to please you." "I think there is no need for us to talk anymore. You are free to leave now," he added.

"Enough of this fight and dispute," Sula spoke up. She put on a mask of a mediator. "You are a family. You are supposed to be bound by love, not by hatred."

Sula then turned to Donna and said,"We came here to mend your relationship with George. Stop making a fool of ourselves."

Understanding Sula's meaning, Donna gradually calmed herself down to regain her composure.

When she saw that Donna got her message, Sula turned to Holley and smiled. "Holley, can you pass me that dish? That is actually one of my favorites."

Holley gave Sula the dish she ordered. She marveled at Sula's ingenuity which was much superior to Donna's.

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