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   Chapter 682 Better Than Her

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Charles reasoned, 'Since Nancy has already been Sheryl's housemaid and Shirley's babysitter for a long time, she must be doing a good job; perhaps she is trying to make up with Sheryl. They're obviously happy with her so I won't interfere with Sheryl's decision. It wouldn't help to let her know that Nancy was our cook at Dream Garden anyway.

Besides, she is generally considerate and careful. She can take good care of Sheryl and Shirley, in spite of her past mistakes. Though, it might help to let her know that if Sheryl needs anything, she can come to me.'

Nancy was shocked by Charles' reaction and his decision to not disclose her identity. She knew she had done terrible things to Sheryl before. Also, her son's greed and imprudence put Sheryl in danger and caused her disappearance. It was weird that Charles had let all that go, or that he didn't throw her out of Sheryl's house right then. She looked up at him and said in a surprised tone,"Mr. Lu, you..."

Charles realized what Nancy was thinking. With a short wave of his hand, he cut her off,"Don't worry. I won't say anything. Sheryl needs a babysitter and you are the best choice. I am sure you can take good care of her and her daughter. Just remember, if Sheryl gets in trouble, you come to me as soon as possible."

It would have not been easy to persuade Sheryl into firing Nancy anyway. Sheryl had no memory of the past so Charles would have not had a good enough reason to give her. Moreover, Charles was quite certain that Nancy wouldn't do any more harm to Sheryl. In fact, she even promised so,"Don't worry, Mr. Lu. I will make sure she is okay and I will inform you of any changes in her condition. Whenever she is in trouble, I will go find you for help." Nancy was grateful to him for that chance to look after Sheryl and Shirley. She also could not hold her excitement about the future. If Charles and Sheryl got back together, she would be over the moon.

Charles nodded appreciatively but still had to warn her,"Nancy, just remember... if you do anything to hurt Sheryl, though, I will not let it go. Do not mistake my kindness for weakness."

Nancy's memories of poisoning Sheryl a long time ago suddenly came back and caused her much remorse. She understood where Charles was coming from with that warning and made sure to remove any of his remaining worries,"I know what you mean, Mr. Lu. Trust me, I won't hurt her again. You have nothing to worry about." Nancy then went upstairs with slow, heavy steps. Her eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears of gratitude. Sheryl watched her suspiciously. Eventually, she decided to go over to her and ask,"Nancy, what's wrong with you? Why are your eyes red?"

"Nothing. I am fine," Nancy replied cautiously. Without any further explanation, she went directly to her bedroom leaving Sheryl totally confused.

The next morning, Charles came to Sheryl's apartment with Charlie as promised. Nancy cooked an exceedingly good lunch for Charlie and Shirley, making them lick all their fingers. The two kids had missed each other greatly and kept talking nonstop about absolutely everything. Charles and Sheryl had a good laugh watching them.

At Y Hospital

The doctors allowed Holley to be discharged from the hospital. After the acrimonious quarrel between George and Donna a few days earlier, George decided to s

to make peace with Donna. She was willing to give it her best shot.

"No, I won't have lunch with them," replied George assertively. "Look at your face! There are still bruises on it. Did you forget what they have done to you? She is my mother but her behavior has been completely unforgivable." George persisted staring intensely at Holley. He was ashamed and disturbed by what his mother had done.

"George, I know you care about me and I thank you for that. But she is your mother and you've always told me how much she has supported you throughout your whole life. When we'll have our wedding in the future, I want you to get her blessing too. I know it is important for you, isn't it?" pleaded Holley. Holley's innocent eyes and warm smile softened George's heart. Seeing that she had finally won George's full trust and affection made her suffering worthwhile.

So she was even more determined to have lunch with Donna and Sula.

In her mind, everything was coming together. 'Since I have won George's heart, Donna will see that the more she interferes, the closer George and I will become.

Sula will also realize that there is no place for her between George and me, and eventually, the situation will sort itself out.'

This was her chance to show up as a victor, in spite of them trying to make her look like a loser. She wanted them to get it, once and for all: their interference in her relationship would never work. Holley also wanted to show George that she cared about him and that she was willing to put her best foot forward in her relationship with Donna.

He was utterly impressed, but still didn't think her efforts were necessary. He argued,"Holley, you have seen her behavior. She is becoming unreasonable. If she continues to interfere in our relationship, I don't need her blessing." He used to respect his mother, but her actions had made him lose some of that respect. Also, he loved Holley and wouldn't give her up just because his mother wished so.

Holley urged him gently but insistently,"Don't talk like that. Try to understand her. She doesn't know me well and doesn't think I'm good enough for you. She is worried about you. Can't you see?" She paused and allowed her words to sink in.

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