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   Chapter 681 Why Are You Here

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She looked into the kitchen and asked Nancy,"Nancy, what are you still doing in the kitchen? Come out and let's have dinner now."

"No... thanks," Nancy stammered. Nancy was nervously pacing in the kitchen. She didn't know if she should come out or not. Sheryl had suffered so many miseries because of her, so she didn't know if Charles still hated her.

'He must surely hate me. It was because of me that Autumn suffered so much, ' she thought.

"I'm not hungry yet and I'll eat later," she added. Alone in the kitchen, she became more and more nervous.

Charles frowned as he heard Sheryl call the familiar name 'Nancy'. He wondered whether this nanny was the same lady who had once worked in his house. He had driven her out and fired her from the job three years ago. When he heard Nancy's voice come from the kitchen, his guess was confirmed.

He was worried and confused. He wondered if Nancy had any special motive to be here.

He smiled and said to Sheryl,"Just ask her to come and eat with us. It is inappropriate not to invite her after she has prepared so many dishes."

"You are right," Sheryl agreed. But then she frowned slightly and said,"I have never seen her so nervous as she is now. Maybe she is just unaccustomed to strangers."

But Sheryl rejected her own assumption immediately. She reasoned Nancy didn't act like this when Anthony came.

Nancy was busy doing the dishes when Sheryl entered the kitchen. Sheryl gripped her hand and said,"Let's have dinner now. Shirley is hungry."

Nancy was dragged out of the kitchen before she could refuse and she finally faced Charles.

He stared at Nancy intently, trying to read her thoughts from her expression. Nancy, however, kept her head stubbornly lowered. She refused to meet Charles' eyes.

After a while, Charles said with a smile,"Sit down, please."

Nancy had not dared to sit without Charles' permission. She just ate a little and beg

rdships that Mrs. Lu suffered were caused by me. I even thought of committing suicide after she went missing. But I finally decided to remedy my mistake. I knew she would be back, so I didn't leave Y City. I was waiting for the day when she came back." Nancy paused for a while and continued,"I was so excited when I saw her in the domestic company and I thought that God has given me a chance for me to compensate for my mistakes. I was surprised and happy when she chose me."

She glanced at Charles. "Mr. Lu, I know you still doubt my loyalty. But I promise I have no devious intentions. I just want to help Mrs. Lu so that she doesn't get so tired every day. In this way, I hope I can atone for my mistake."

Her eyes got wet as she said this. Tears were about to drop from her eyes. "I just want to compensate her," she said in a broken voice.

Charles looked at Nancy speechlessly and she thought he might drive her away. But he glanced at her and said abruptly,"Now that you are here for some days now, just do as you said. Take care of her and Shirley and see to their comfort, please."

Charles had removed Nancy from his house and job not because he didn't trust her. Actually, he could not bear to see her because the sight of her had reminded him of his beloved wife.

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