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   Chapter 680 Sheryl's Humble Abode

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8098

Updated: 2019-03-08 00:29

Anthony's use of endearing words toward Sheryl left Charles greatly annoyed and jealous.

However, he had to hold it in and address Anthony politely.

Both of them maintained a respectful tone around each other while in the presence of Sheryl.

Sheryl casually ate about a quarter of her veggie salad and then decided to leave.

"Why not have more?" Anthony asked in surprise. He could not understand Sheryl's haste.

"I need to hurry; I wouldn't want to be late again," explained Sheryl. She could not afford another tardy arrival at work.

So Anthony offered to give her a ride to her workplace.

Seeing an opportunity, Charles intervened,"Anthony, I know you need to go back to work as well. Sheryl's workplace is actually on my way back. I can drive her for you; it's no problem." As if certain about it, Charles rose up from his chair and put on his coat, ready to drive Sheryl.

Anthony's eyes narrowed at that gesture. His fists tightened but he decided to keep his composure.

With a smirk, he kindly declined,"Thank you for offering, Mr. Lu, but I can take her myself." Charles was definitely stepping on his toes, and he wasn't just going to back off.

He straightened up and went over to Sheryl's side, almost as if in an attempt to claim his territory.

Looking at her lovingly, Anthony added,"Sheryl is my girlfriend and I am responsible for her safety. She would never be a burden for me."

Sheryl, however, thought it would be best if she went with Charles. Smiling at Anthony, she refused his offer politely,"I think Charles is right. My workplace is on his way. It would take you more than one hour to get back to work if you drop me off first, not to mention all the traffic you'd run into. Don't worry about it, really. Charles can take me there this time." Perhaps, unbeknownst to her even, time management was not the only reason she was intent on going with Charles. She was starting to appreciate his company more than she would have cared to admit.

Disappointed, Anthony tried to protest her decision. However, only a simple "But..." came out of his mouth. Charles's joyful look left him quite upset but he didn't want to give him the satisfaction of seeing him argue with Sheryl. So he didn't continue his train of thought.

In an effort to comfort him, Sheryl grabbed his hand and, with a squeeze, assured him that she would be okay. Smiling, she thanked him once more and


"No thanks. I can manage it," she replied bluntly. Sheryl noticed that something was not right about her.

She was right, in fact. Nancy had heard Charles' voice from the kitchen. Even though it had been three years since the last time she heard it, she could still recognize it. She wasn't really sure what to do about it.

Thus, she decided to retreat herself to the kitchen.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Sheryl finally inquired about the her well-being. Nancy was surprised by how perceptive she was.

In an attempt to dissipate her worries, she smiled and answered,"I am well; don't worry." Given how well Sheryl knew her, Nancy realized she had to do better than that; so she added,"I may have caught a cold last night but it's nothing to worry about."

She then quickly urged Sheryl to leave the kitchen to avoid getting the smell into her clothes. She also mentioned wanting to prepare some extra dishes for her guest.

Even though still skeptical, Sheryl didn't want to pry any longer. So she commented affectionately,"Okay, take your time, Nancy. Just let me know if you need anything." With a smile, she turned around and left the kitchen.

At a loss as to how to handle the situation, Nancy took a few seconds to contemplate. She went ahead and prepared two dishes that she remembered Charles liked. She then waited for the opportune moment, when Charles wasn't around, to come out of the kitchen and set up the dining table.

"These dishes are delicious!" remarked Charles. From the moment he smelled them, he was pleasantly impressed. So Sheryl encouraged him to eat more.

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