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   Chapter 679 Undercurrent

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Sheryl nodded. In fact she was touched by what Nancy had said that day. Life is short, so we all should take our time to go wherever we want, to do whatever we always want and to say I love you to the people we love, in case we regret it in the future. In short, she said that we should live our lives in the most fulfilling way.

Anthony was like that, so was Charles.

But since she was already with Anthony, she had to sincerely fulfill her duty to him as his girlfriend. Charles could only be regarded as a friend.

So she looked at Anthony and said,"Anthony, I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" Anthony asked in a casual tone.

"You know, BM Corporation is doing business with Shining Company nowadays. I have to be in contact with them and maybe I'll meet Charles often. You have told me to stay away from him, but this is for work. I promise you that he's just a good friend. I had lunch with Charles today. You have got to trust me that we did not say or do anything crossing the line."

"That's okay. I believe you." Anthony smiled. Sheryl had spoken frankly and honestly, so he knew there was nothing to worry about.

He said,"Well, I have been thinking about inviting Charles for lunch tomorrow? He looked after you while I wasn't home, after all. I want to thank him and apologize for the fight."

That lunch would surely be very embarrassing, but Anthony pretended to be very expectant and happy about it.

Sheryl was happy with the suggestion. She would like to see the two of them getting along well with each other. She agreed at once.

"Good. Then I'll book the restaurant and send you a message informing you about it. It's getting late now and you need to rest. I'm leaving," Anthony said.

Sheryl obediently nodded and said,"Okay. Have a safe drive."

The boring training and rehearsals continued the next day. Sheryl received a message from Anthony close to lunch time. He had reserved a table in a French restaurant near her company. Sheryl frowned when

t like the salad you ordered."

"But she is on a diet these days, because she has to be in good shape for the stage show." Charles questioned him,"As her boyfriend you don't even know that, do you? You should pay more attention to her."

Anthony paused. He was so intent on his fight with Charles that he had forgotten Sheryl was on a diet. That was why she had not touched any of the food in front of her.

Sheryl smiled and cupped the salad bowl with her hands. "I will have the salad. For my work, I need to maintain my slim figure."

Anthony touched her hair lightly and said,"Okay."

When he said that he glanced at Charles. He thought, 'Maybe you know her more than me, so what? She's my girl now. I can even kiss her in public, how about you?'

Charles didn't look up, but he clenched his fists. It was as if he could read Anthony's thoughts.

He was so angry that he wished the man would disappear.

Anthony smiled and said,"Look, I have to say thank you for looking after Sher these days. There was a small quarrel between us and she had been upset with me. Now, we have talked it over and there is no misunderstanding between us any more. With all due respect, you helped her a lot during that difficult phase. So allow me to give you my best regards today. I shall join Sher in saying a big thank you to you."

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