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   Chapter 678 Anthony's Promise

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Sue immediately agreed when Kitty asked her to go with her. Then she turned to Sheryl and said,"I'm sorry, I can't go with you. Anyway, I don't want to go home yet."

Sue picked up her handbag and ran after Kitty. "Wait for me!"

Sue left Sheryl alone and gripped Kitty's hand. She then asked,"Where are we going?"

"Let's go to the bar!" Kitty answered excitedly. "Sue, you should stay away from her. She is different from us." Kitty made sure that her words were loud enough for Sheryl to hear.

"I know," Sue answered with a smile. Then they delightedly left, hand in hand.

A bitter smile appeared on Sheryl's face as she watched the two receding figures. Sue obviously didn't want to be friends with her anymore.

Sheryl packed all her stuff and got ready to leave. She decided to just take the subway. But when she was outside, she saw Charles at the gate, leaning on his car. She hesitated for a moment before she walked toward him. "Are you waiting for me?" she asked.

"Yes, I am," he answered. Charles opened the door of his car and urged Sheryl,"Get in now. I'll take you home."

"Charles, we are just..." Sheryl frowned. She thought Charles was doing too much.

"Don't worry, I just want to send you home. I have no other intentions. I promise," Charles said with a smile. "The subway station will take fifteen minutes walk from here. I don't think that's a good idea. You must be tired after wearing those high heels for the whole day so I want to offer you a ride. That's all."

Seeing that Sheryl was still in hesitation, he urged again,"Get in the car. Don't be scared. I won't eat you up."

Eventually, Sheryl agreed. Anyway, she already felt really tired.

With the soft music from the car stereo and the slow drive, Sheryl fell into a slumber. She was dead tired. Charles didn't disturb her and only woke her up when they reached her apartment. With a light pat on her shoulder, he said,"We're here."

"Wow, that was so quick!" Sheryl exclaimed in a hoarse voice.

"Quick?" Charles raised an eyebrow. "You have slept for twenty minutes," he added. "Really?" Sheryl was so shocked. She didn't know she slept that long.

Seeing Sheryl's startled look, he teased her more,"You even snored loudly." Sheryl's face immediately turned red in embarrassment so she covered her f

he spoke again,"The second reason why I came here is to... explain to you about Sue."

He swallowed slightly, looking very nervous.

"Actually Sue and I are just friends. There is nothing between us. Those two times that you saw me come out of her apartment were just coincidental. The first time was, she got drunk so I needed to accompany her and the second time was it was me who got drunk and fell asleep. But nothing untoward had happened. Please trust me," Anthony explained with confidence.

Sheryl nodded and replied,"I already know about it. Sue told me."

"Has she explained to you?" Anthony was surprised. He didn't expect Sue to take the initiative to explain to Sheryl. He felt grateful to her.

Sheryl nodded in confirmation. Then she said,"Anthony, this problem between us wouldn't have existed if you've only trusted me enough. Actually, even if you didn't come here today, I will still find some time to have a talk with you."

Sheryl looked Anthony in the eyes and continued,"I believe that there is nothing between you and Sue because I trust you. But what about you? You didn't give me the same trust. I don't understand why you just can't believe me."

'Because he was the man that you used to love. He is Shirley's father. How can I compete with him in your heart?' he thought.

Anthony smiled bitterly and answered,"Maybe I was just too concerned about you."

Anthony also looked into her eyes and said,"Sher, I promise you, I will never make the same mistake again. I will try my best to believe you."

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