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   Chapter 677 A Dying Friendship

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Sue looked into the restaurant through the window. She saw Sheryl and Charles sitting face to face. Sue felt like an idiot when she saw Sheryl smile to Charles.

She thought it was ridiculous of her to bring lunch for Sheryl because Sheryl didn't need her care at all.

'Sheryl will feel satiated on Charles' love itself. She doesn't need my concern or my food, ' Sue thought.

She gave a bitter laugh and threw the food packed for Sheryl into the dustbin in anger and frustration.

'From now on, I will never worry about her. Otherwise, I will be left feeling foolish!' Sue said to herself.

Sheryl, on her part, didn't have an inkling of Sue's bitterness. When she was seated with Charles, he didn't try to get close to her like before. Instead, he maintained a proper distance from her and made her feel relaxed and comfortable. He kept her amused with the things that had transpired in their past. It was his way to keep Sheryl happy as well as gauge her reaction.

Sheryl couldn't help laughing while making small talk with Charles. When she returned to the company, she was late by one hour.

Charles offered to escort her back to the rehearsal room to ease things for her. She refused his help. "I know you want to help me. But it is my own fault that I am late. Whatever punishment I receive, I will cheerfully accept."

Sheryl smiled and added,"If you go with me, they will only gossip further and I will make more enemies there."

She looked at Charles and stammered,"I'm... I'm very happy today to see the change in you. I like the different Charles."

Charles felt very happy on hearing that. He stared at Sheryl and said,"I will have lunch with you every day that you are working in my company, okay?"

Sheryl was surprised initially. But then she thought it wasn't a big deal if she just had lunch with Charles. She agreed. "See you tomorrow!" she replied with a happy smile.

Charles felt very pleased as he saw Sheryl's smiling face. His confidence in himself and his tactics grew.


He paused for a while and continued,"From now on, if I see you quarrel again with Sheryl, I will ask you to leave immediately. You will be thrown out of the show instantly." Kitty's face flushed as she heard Gerry rebuking her.

Nobody dared to show their unfriendly attitude to Sheryl in Gerry's presence from then on. Gerry had made himself very clear to all of them.

When it was time to get off work, Sheryl walked up to Sue. She wanted to invite her to leave together because their homes were close to one another. Sheryl had also not forgotten what Kitty had told her about Sue.

She did care about Sue and still thought of her as a friend. She was just reluctant to speak to Sue after all the bitterness had sprung up between them. But Kitty's words changed her mind. She decided to maintain her friendship with Sue.

"How about going home together?" Sheryl offered. Sue was packing up for the day.

Sue was surprised at Sheryl's invitation. Before she could reply to Sheryl, Kitty said abruptly,"Sue, let's go to the bar!"

"Wait a minute! I'll go with you," Sue answered. She felt relieved because this gave her an excuse to avoid Sheryl's company. After this afternoon's event, she had decided to stay away from Sheryl.

She even convinced herself that Sheryl and she would never be good friends again.

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