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   Chapter 676 Let's Have Lunch Together

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Chris' face dimmed in anger. Then she said,"Fine! I won't care about anything about you anymore!"

But Chris' anger didn't last that long. After a while, she heaved a deep breath to calm herself down. Then she apologized,"I'm sorry for what I've said. Anyway, if you need my help just let me know. At least give me a chance to make up for my mistakes."

"Fine," Charles answered. He glimpsed at Sam and urged,"Take her home now. She is already too annoying for me."

Sheryl would go to his company for a rehearsal tomorrow and Charles was looking forward to working with her.

Charles got up early the next morning. He put on a dark suit and drove to the company as soon as he finished breakfast. He got very delighted and excited at the thought of seeing Sheryl very soon.

David was sorting some documents when Charles came to the office. And he couldn't believe his ears when he heard Charles humming a song. He wondered if he was just seeing and hearing things.

When he couldn't take it anymore, he came to Alice. "What's wrong with Mr. Lu? He looks very happy," David asked Alice in puzzlement.

"Are you an idiot?" Alice told David with contempt. "You must have forgotten one thing. Mrs. Lu will come to our company today."

Alice's answer solved David's confusion.

The ten models were sent to Charles' company by the service vehicle of BM Corporation. David was already waiting for them at the lobby. Nine of them entered in excitement while Sheryl was left behind, reluctant to enter.

David noticed her so he decided to personally meet her. He greeted her with a smile,"Hello, Miss Xia. Do you remember me?"

Sheryl turned around and looked at David. She remembered to have met this man at Charles' home. She nodded and said,"Yes, I remember you."

"I feel happy to hear that," David said, still smiling. Then he introduced himself,"You can call me David. I'm Mr. Lu's assistant. I'm so happy to work with you. If you have any concerns, you can just tell me and I'll handle them for you."

"Thank you but I don't need your help," Sheryl refused as she knew that David was Charles' assistant. Then she added,"Please tell Charles that I came here only for work. If he harasses me again, I would rather break the contract than continue working."

heryl needed to keep her figure as a model, Charles ordered many vegetables and asked the waiter to put less oil and salt. Then he turned to Sheryl for her approval,"Is it Okay?"

"Yes." she nodded. It was the first time that Sheryl found Charles not to be disgusting at all. What she saw was a gentle and thoughtful Charles.

Charles told Sheryl that he wanted Sheryl to accompany him. But, in reality, it was Charles who wanted to accompany Sheryl since she was rejected by her colleagues.

And since Charles knew how important her figure was for her job, he picked those food appropriate for her.

Sheryl was moved by Charles' thoughtfulness. Her impression of him seemed to change this time.

"This restaurant is quite good. You will know it once you try their food." Charles introduced the restaurant to Sheryl in zest. Meanwhile, Sue and the other models had already finished lunch and was going back to company.

"Sue, you are too kind to bring food to her," one model commented, looking at the bag of food in Sue's hand. "But I don't think she will thank you for that," she added. Sue just smiled and answered,"Well, she is also our colleague. Since she didn't go with us for lunch, I think it's not that unusual to bring some food for her."

"Look! Is that Sheryl?" another model exclaimed, pointing to a restaurant. The restaurant where Charles and Sheryl chose to eat was just nearby the company and the models must pass by it so it was not impossible for them to see Sheryl and Charles inside.

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