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   Chapter 675 The Harsh Remarks Of George

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He laughed scornfully and said to Sula,"Who do you think you are? It is none of your business. It is a private affair between me and my mom. Don't meddle in things that do not concern you. It is not polite."

Sula's face turned pale at his words. Her impression had been that George was a thorough gentleman. She had never expected that he would turn into this mean and harsh man because of Holley.

"George, you are going too far and crossing all limits!" Donna scolded as she heard George talk to Sula in such a rude manner. She frowned and then said to him,"Why are you so rude to Sula? It is not her fault! She has done nothing wrong. Don't cross the line, George."

However, George just sneered and responded,"Do you think I don't know why you have brought her here? Are you still trying to fix us up? Don't you think it is ridiculous and it is time to stop this foolish match making?"

He gave a grim laugh and continued,"I didn't expose your tricks earlier because I didn't want to embarrass you, but now I have no choice but to be frank with you, Mom."

Saying this, he glanced at Sula. "I don't like Sula and I can never fall in love with her. It is better that you give up your false hopes of seeing us as a couple as early as possible. Do you understand me?"


Donna was too furious to utter a single word while George just glared at Sula with cold eyes. "Look at you, Sula. You can easily find your Mr. Right someday as you are smart and beautiful. Why did you come here to be humiliated? You really have a thick hide."

"George..." mumbled Sula. She looked at him in great shock as if the man standing in front of her were not George. How could he make such harsh remarks to her?

George looked at Donna and continued,"Mom, I have to share with you my innermost thoughts and wishes. I have decided to marry Holley. If you accept her as your daughter-in-law, we will show filial respect for you, but if you don't..." Saying this, George paused for a while and then finally said,"I will think that I do not have a mother."

As he finished his sentence, George turned to leave. Donna hastily stopped him. She asked in an anxious voice,"What do you mean? Are you going to break all relations with me? Is that what you are trying to say?"

George didn't even turn around to look at her. Instead he replied in a cold voice,"Mom, if this is the only way to make you understand, then I say yes. Moreover, if you do anything to hurt Holley again, I won't make concessions for you anymore."

He turned to leave and walked out without hesitation after he finished his words.

Donna felt diz

his younger sister and Charles loved her. Now that she had confessed her fault and regretted, Charles decided to let it go.

"Don't worry. I will never do this again. And I won't poke my nose into your business with Autumn. Please forgive me this time, brother." As she heard Charles's words, Chris had no doubt that he had forgiven her. She soon became her cheerful self. Forgetting her promise to keep from interfering in her brother's life, she asked in the next second,"Charles, is Autumn still mad at you? I have a brilliant idea to calm her down. Why not let me talk to her? It was me who made such a stupid blunder, so I should be the one to sort it out also."

"Chris, have you already forgotten what you just said?" Sam reminded her kindly. "Remember that you just said you would not poke your nose into Charles' business anymore, but now..."

Chris smiled with embarrassment as she heard this from her husband. "I just..." mumbled Chris. "I just want to help my brother. I know he must be very upset and depressed these days."

Indeed, Chris was worried. She knew that her brother had loved Sheryl and she had also reciprocated that love. But now the couple might as well as have been strangers, the way they were behaving.

"I know Autumn well," said Sam abruptly. "I am sure her memory will come back. She will remember her past and her family in due time," he added.

"I sincerely pray and hope so," Chris replied with a deep sigh.

Glancing at Chris with a warning look, Charles said,"I know what I should do. Chris, you just remember to keep your nose out of this matter, okay? I don't need your help and I will handle this myself without your unwanted interference. I hope I have made myself clear on this matter."

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