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   Chapter 674 Shut Up, Sula!

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5372

Updated: 2019-03-07 00:30

"Despite our careful and thorough investigation, Holley's origin and background remain unknown to us, Aunt Donna. And her appearance in Y City is virtually mysterious," Sula said.

"I deeply suspect that Holley has an ulterior motive," she added. Realizing Sula's words, Donna urged her,"Sula, you are supposed to win George's heart and and make your romantic relationship official. I hope you won't let me down."

"Aunt Donna, rest assured that I will do my best." Sula was determined to best Holley first before granting Donna's request to pursue a romantic relationship with George.

Seeing that Sula was confident and determined, Donna felt satisfied.

"Holley, that bitch is said to be a native of Y City. Since we are here, we should try our best to unveil her pretense," Donna sneered. She felt gleeful about their plan.

A moment later, George arrived. Donna motioned him to sit and join them for dinner. His favorite dishes were on the table.

"No, thanks," George refused. Apparently, he was annoyed.

"What is the matter with you?" Donna asked. She glance at George and said nonchalantly,"Are you still worried about Holley's condition?"

"Definitely! Holley's condition is my biggest concern," replied George with a sneer. "You should be fully aware of it, Mom."

"That bitch has sown bitter dissensions between us," Donna seethed with indignation. "George, how could you be so beguiled by her that you ignore our blood relation just like that?"

"Mom, Holley has nothing to do with this. It's your attitude that's ruining our relationship. I think you are too unseemly to w

realization that George forsook his filial piety for his obsession toward Holley.

George felt the pain of Donna's slap. But he didn't feel any fear. Instead, he challenged Donna truculently,"It seems that you are being angered by the fact!"

"You!" Donna couldn't calm down and control herself anymore. To comfort herself, she kept on repeating in her mind that everything was Holley's fault because it was her who misled and beguiled George.

For Donna, Holley was an arch-criminal who could easily destroy their mother-son relationship.

"George, how could you talk to your mother just like that?" Sula tried to intervene this time. She intended to become a mediator. "Donna only wants what's best for you," she added.

Sula helped Donna to sit and poured her a glass of water to calm down. She continued to scold George,"You should still have treated your mother with regard and respect even though you don't agree to her wishes."

"Shut up, Sula!" When George noticed that Sula intended to mediate between Donna and him, he shifted the blame unto her.

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