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   Chapter 673 A Pretentious Holley

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The nurse laughed sarcastically and said to George,"We were so astonished to see that such a beautiful girl nearly got disfigured by your mother. I'll feel pity for her if that happened!"

"It's impossible!" said George in disbelief. "There is no way that my mother would do such a thing."

In George's eyes, Donna was a mother whom he knew to be kind, tolerant and elegant. She would never do such a disgraceful thing. 'How could she be here? She didn't even know which hospital Holley is in, ' George thought.

"So you want to imply that we're all lying to you?" said the nurse with a sneer on her face. "Come and have a look at your girlfriend's face. How do you explain that scar? Would you say that it was us who left that scar on her face?"

she mockingly said as she turned Holley's face to George. Holley's swollen, red face was clearly shown to him. Some parts of her face still had fresh scratches. She looked miserable.

Her lips were swollen too. The moment she found George was looking at her she suddenly looked away. She said to the nurse,"I'm fine Miss. Please stop talking about it."

"Is this Mr. Han?" The doctor also couldn't contain himself and commented that such a beautiful girl shouldn't be beaten. He grinned with dissatisfaction and told George,"I wanted to stay out of your business because this is about your family."

The doctor stopped for some time and continued to speak,"But Miss Ye is now my patient. I have the right to protect my patient."

He looked at George. "I don't care what conflicts are there between your mother and Miss Ye. Please go and warn your mother that if she ever comes back to this hospital and does such things again, I will call the police. The police won't treat her differently whether she is a foreigner or not."

After hearing the doctor's words, George finally believed that it was Donna who had beaten Holley in the hospital.

He responded to the doctor with a cold voice,"Don't you worry, Doc. If my mother really did it, I will make it up f

t have told everything and complained to George."

"So what do we do now, Aunt Donna?" asked Sula nervously.

"Why panic, Sula?" Donna sneered again,"It wasn't us who beat her."

Donna picked up the cellphone and talked to George like nothing had happened,"Hello, George? What's going on, son?"

"Where are you, mother?" George asked with a cold voice. In his point of view, Holley should be very respectful to his mother because she was the woman who had given him birth and raised him.

But he can't bear the thought that Donna had beaten his girlfriend.

And he felt so guilty when Holley tried to cover for Donna after what the latter had done to her. Holley was so considerate that she just wanted to tolerate what his mother did.

"I'm having dinner with Sula. You can come and join us," answered Donna coyly. Without uttering any other word, George hung up the phone abruptly after he learned the address.

Sula looked at Donna and said,"Aunt Donna, I think we were too compulsive this afternoon. After all that had happened, George must felt very sorry for that bitch. He must be coming here to defend her. I'm one hundred percent sure that he will ask us to apologize to that whore."

Donna also regretted what they have done. But she hadn't expected that she would have lost control of herself under that circumstance.

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