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   Chapter 672 Holley Played It Well

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8365

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Donna stared at her with piercing eyes and said,"Holley, my son isn't here right now. So there is no need to pretend that you are innocent. You tried very hard to look like a meek sheep, but I found it harder to believe!" Donna curved her lips in a sarcastic smile as she stared at Holley and continued,"But I am impressed. After this splendid performance of yours, I can't think poorly of you from now on. It is unbelievable that you conceived of such a way to impress me. Were you not afraid that you could even be killed in that accident?"

"Mrs. Han, I can't understand what you just said." Holley maintained her innocence for fear that Donna might use some other ways to deal with her.

"Trust me, the car accident was not intentional on my part. It was also unexpected. How could I do that on purpose?" Holley stood in front of Donna with a petrified face. Her voice dripped with grievance. It seemed that she was on the verge of crying. But her gesture failed to win Donna's sympathy. Rather it made her feel so resentful that she rushed to grab Holley's hair while loudly cursing at the same time. "You, bitch! You have no shame. I can't believe my son is in love with you, good for nothing whore. I must teach you a lesson so that you know what kind of a person I am."

Then, Donna grabbed Holley by her hair and shook her head with all her might. Sula who accompanied her in the hospital just stood there silently. She witnessed the entire episode between Holley and Donna. She did not make a single attempt to stop the matriarch, like she was just waiting to see Holley in that predicament. Hence, there was no way that she would do a thing to help her out.

"How dare you seduced my son?" Donna blurted, her eyes ready to pop out of her face. Donna hit her and cursed her without any remorse or hesitation to the extent that Holley started feeling sick and her head buzzed.

But Holley took all the strikes silently and didn't dodge even a single blow. Donna's ferocious attacks left her absolutely black and blue. And, that was all she wanted. The marks on her body would speak for themselves in front of George. He would come to know how his mother, whom he had asked her to be respectful with, had treated his girlfriend.

Donna sweltered while beating Holley. She was so enraged and no longer aware of how long it was since she first laid her hands on Holley. Holley didn't exert even a little effort to push her away. She bore Donna's brunt with open arms. Eventually, the squabble

peaking, Holley smiled sadly.

"That's a bit odd!" The nurse frowned and said,"That was the during the old time? Does she want her son to have an arranged marriage?"

But Holley didn't answer her questions. She slightly lowered her head to make the nurse feel that she was that pitiful. The nurse tried her best to console Holley,"My dear, being a woman also, I have to advise you about the saying that 'the mother-in-law is a natural enemy of the daughter-in-law'. If that woman would be your mother-in-law, you will suffer the worst after your marriage."

Finally, the nurse concluded,"The marriage decision must not only depend on how good the man is, but also on his family's attitude towards you. That's is the most important. Neglect it and you will not live happily after marriage." After finishing her work, the nurse said again,"Dear, you should consider my suggestions seriously. But remember, what I told you was only a suggestion, not a decision."

"Yes, I understand." Holley replied with a little smile. Before the nurse finished putting the medical supplies away, George was back. As he entered the room, he grumbled,"Holley, why didn't you answer my call? I..."

Suddenly, he stopped complaining. The big bag that he was carrying also stopped making a sound. He was surprised to see the doctor and the nurse inside the room. He asked,"Doctor, what's wrong? Was Holly uncomfortable?"

"You should first ask yourself," the nurse sneered and confronted George. "You know she is a patient, right?. Then, why did you let your mother come here and went berserk on her? Look, how serious injured she is! It was all caused by your freaking mother!"

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