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   Chapter 670 Sue's Explanation

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Sue was puzzled but Sheryl smiled and told Sue,"I think Anthony is the only one who can persuade you to talk to me. For his sake at least you would agree."

Sheryl's words embarrassed Sue. She flashed a quick look at Sheryl and said. "I did come because of Anthony. If it weren't for him, I would never talk to you my whole life."

Sheryl gave a small, bitter smile inwardly as her guess was confirmed. On the outside she maintained an indifferent look.

Sue felt very uncomfortable when she saw Sheryl's indifferent look. She said,"Sheryl, do you know the indifferent look you always keep on your face could hurt the feelings of others?"

Sher remained mute and kept looking steadily at Sue.

Sue sneered and said,"You always look indifferent no matter what happens. You were peaceful when I broke up with you. And now..."

Sue paused for a moment and then continued with her brows arched,"Now you are also indifferent to the fact that Anthony spent a night with me. Do you know this reaction of yours has the power to hurt others' feelings?"

Sue gave a cold smile and added,"You have never really taken love or friendship seriously. Did you ever care about my feelings?"

"So what do you want me to do?" Sheryl asked. Sheryl glanced mildly at Sue and inquired,"My best friend broke up with me over something non existent and later stole my boyfriend. Do you expect that I should still be warm and friendly to you as before?"

Sue was rendered speechless. She regretted her break up with Sheryl. Especially as she now knew that Shirley's biological father might be Charles. She finally understood why Sheryl was so drawn to him.

"Sue, you didn't have to tell me this actually. I will be happy if you can be with Anthony. You love him so much. I believe you will be good for him. He will be more happier with you than with me."


upset if he chose me?"

"I have already told you that I will be happy for both of you if you can be together." Sheryl glanced at Sue and added,"I really will."

"I have to prepare Shirley's meal. I have to leave now," Sheryl told Sue in a cold voice.

She believed there was nothing going on between Sue and Anthony. Unfortunately, Anthony did not trust her in the same way.

The trouble between Anthony and Sheryl was not his relationship with Sue, but his distrust for Sheryl. If he couldn't deal with it, they could never be happy together.

Sheryl wanted him to approach her by himself rather than have Sue speak for him.

Therefore Sheryl was very cold towards Sue. This matter was between Anthony and her so Sue shouldn't have involved herself in it.

On reaching her house, Sheryl sat on the sofa, dumbfounded. Shirley looked at Nancy and asked,"Granny Nancy, what has happened to Sher?"

Sheryl had become very weird in the days following her argument with Anthony. Shirley was worried about her.

"She is just deep in thought. It is probably work related. Don't worry dear," Nancy consoled her. "Now just go to your room and play for a while. I'll call you to have your meal when it is ready," she added.

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