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   Chapter 669 Run Into Again

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Anthony felt a sudden twinge of guilt as Sue explained what had happened last night, pretending to be taking it lightly. Not only did he trouble this woman, but he questioned her ruthlessly.

"Please don't take my words to heart." Anthony looked at Sue in embarrassment. "I didn't mean them. I just..."

"I see what you're trying to say," Sue cut him off and gave him a forgiving smile. Sue didn't want to dwell on that matter anymore so she intentionally changed the subject,"I'll get you a toothbrush and a towel." She then went to her room without giving Anthony a chance to say more.

After being given the towel and the toothbrush, Anthony went to the bathroom. Sue took this opportunity to prepare breakfast in the kitchen.

But she was not good at cooking. So she decided to prepare a simple yet nutritious breakfast for them. She heated some milk and put some bread in the oven toaster.

When Anthony came out of the bathroom, it was also in time that Sue brought the breakfast to the table. Looking at the tall and handsome Anthony, she couldn't help imagining herself living with him.

But she had to warn herself not to be delusional. In reality, Anthony would never have feelings for her.

"Breakfast is ready. Eat first before you go," Sue said softly while looking at Anthony.

"No, thank you," Anthony politely refused. He took a glance at the breakfast table and then at Sue. It seemed that he had something to say. However, he only said,"I have something urgent to do. You just eat."

Anthony actually meant to apologize to Sue but when he looked at her face, he seemed to have lost the courage to say so.

Perhaps because of guilt, he was eager to leave and stay away from Sue.

Anthony immediately headed for the door. He was about to open the door when Sue's voice came from behind him,"Anthony, what happened last night was an accident and we didn't do anything. Can't we have breakfast together just like friends?"

Anthony fell silent, his hand freezing on the door knob. After a good while, he replied without looking back,"I don't know. But... forget it." He then opened the door and walked out.

At the same time, Sheryl had also just came out of her apar

hat he never had a place in Sheryl's heart despite of the many things he had done for her.

"Are you all right?" Sue inquired while walking up to him. She was worried about Anthony.

"I'm okay," Anthony replied and smiled weakly. 'What could be wrong with me?' he wondered.

He was torn between going and explaining to Sheryl what had happened or letting everything pass. He actually didn't want to be misunderstood by her but when he remembered her apathy, he felt like there was no use explaining. 'Forget it! She doesn't care anyway. Why should I?' he finally thought.

Anthony then left with a wry grimace.

When Anthony left, Sue sat in her living room with the door open. She purposely left the door open because she was waiting for Sheryl to come back. When she heard the door from the opposite room opened, she immediately went out. She called Sheryl,"Sheryl, can I have a word with you?" It was the first time that she asked Sheryl for a talk since they fell out.

Sheryl didn't react for a while. After a brief pause, she turned to Nancy and said,"Nancy, please take Shirley inside. I'll be back in a minute."

Sheryl waited for Nancy and Shirley to get inside before she walked to Sue's door. "What's the matter? Go ahead," she asked directly.

"Come in." Sue took a step back to let Sheryl in. As Sheryl settled down on the couch, Sue poured her a glass of water. "I want to talk to you about Anthony."

"I know," Sheryl replied flatly.

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