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   Chapter 668 Sue Slept With Drunk Anthony

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5313

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Although Holley bested Donna that time, she was fully aware and prepared for Donna's imminent revenge.

In C Pub, Y City

Always depressed, Sue had no recourse but to drink excessively just to get a good sleep every evening.

She habitually dressed herself up attractively to go to a pub. Early that day, Holley assigned Sue and the other models to be at Charles' command. She particularly assigned Sue to keep a close watch on how Charles was flirting with Sheryl. She wanted to confirm and expose their 'illicit' relationship which may stop Anthony from loving Sheryl.

Sue developed a scheme in her mind to prove that the blossoming relationship between Sheryl and Charles was forbidden.

As a model, Sue was too attractive not to be approached aggressively by many adoring men in the pub. But she dismissed all of them roughly and drank alone.

In the same way, Sue intended to reject a man who was seated opposite to her.

"Sue, is that you? What a coincidence to meet you here!" Anthony said in surprise. He was also in the pub trying to drink away his sadness.

Anthony felt like drinking with Sue to dodge the drunk men accosting her.

"Anthony, what... why are you here?" Sue blurted unexpectedly and happily. She sprang out of her seat and walked to Anthony to welcome him and exchange pleasantries.

Anthony told Sue of his ardent desire to drink away his sorrows that night.

He also suggested that they drink separately.

Upon hearing Anthony's suggestion, she realized her unspoken love for the man going in vain. She forced a smile and said,"That sounds g

plan against him.

"Anthony, you... you're in my apartment." Sue sensed Anthony's suspicion and mistrust. She immediately defended herself,"To protect you from a possible mishap, I had to take you here because I do not know where you live. Last night, you... you really drank beyond your capacity."

Thus, Anthony moved his eyes around and realized it was actually Sue's apartment. He made an apology and then inquired,"But how did we end up sleeping together?"

"Anthony, I..." Sue was embarrassed to explain to Anthony what really happened the previous night.

Sue pulled all her strength and managed to continue,"Last night, I had to make sure that you would sleep comfortably. I fixed your bed and guided you to it. After that, I was also so tired that I may have dozed off beside you until this morning."

Sue glanced at Anthony and spoke unashamedly,"But you can rest assured that we have not had sex. I... I will not make you responsible for anything."

Sue tried to conceal her displeasure of being questioned by Anthony, her beloved man.

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