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   Chapter 667 Holley's Scheme Worked

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Updated: 2019-03-06 00:10

The man gave the bill to George and said,"The back of my car was totally damaged and it will cost at least twenty or thirty thousand to get repaired." "Should we just settle this by ourselves or would you like to wait for the insurance company?" he added.

"Let's just settle this by ourselves," George replied. "Give me your bank account number and I'll transfer money to you right now."

The man felt so satisfied with the result. He immediately gave his account number to George. A moment later, when he checked his bank account on his cellphone, he saw that George transferred more than the amount he mentioned to him. He thanked George and left rejoicing.

When the issue was settled, George went inside the ward to see Holley. She was lying on the bed quietly with an IV hooked unto her. George decided to stay by her side to take care of her. A little while later, George's phone rang. It was Donna. George stepped out of the ward to answer it. "George, how's Holley? What happened to her?" she asked.

"Mom, Holley had a car accident," he answered anxiously. He cast a glance at Holley's ward before he continued,"She is in a coma right now. I'm sorry but I can't accompany you tonight. I need to stay with her. You just have a good night."

"Car accident? How could that happen to her?" Donna asked with a sneer. Donna thought that Holley was just insane and played some tricks on them.

'Wasn't she afraid of getting killed because of this kind of scheme?' Donna wondered.

Donna couldn't understand Holley's way of thinking. For a woman who had "died" once, Holley was really brave enough to still always believe that 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained.' Although it looked dangerous this time, the result must be pleasant.

On the other hand, George began regretting for blaming her earlier. Now he only felt sorry for her.

Now that Holley got into an accident on her way to meet

. I feel very sorry."

George heaved a sigh and promised,"I won't do it again."

"But..." Holley protested. She frowned and added,"She waited for me the whole day. She already had a bad impression on me and she must have gotten more annoyed because of what happened. What if she gets even more dissatisfied with me?"

"Don't think too much. She won't," George assured her. He patted Holley's back and said,"We can explain to mom after you completely recover. Now, you just need to rest. Don't worry about her."

"Are you really sure about that?" Holley asked with rapture. She was very pleased with the result of her plan. It was worthy to get several easy days.

"Yes, of course!" George answered with a smile. "Take it easy. I will always be with you and I will do my best to protect you."

Holley smiled happily. "Will you accompany me to see your mother?" Holley asked.

"Yes, I will," George promised. "If she causes any trouble, I will help you," he added.

George held her hand. "Now that I've chosen you to be my girlfriend, I will always be on your side. No matter how my mother thinks of you, I won't have a change of heart. Trust me."

"George, that's too kind of you." Holley immediately threw herself into George's arms out of happiness.

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