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   Chapter 666 A Car Accident

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"George, I think Holley has completely bewitched you." Donna sneered and continued,"So tell me then who thinks ill of you!"

"Mom..." George paused and said,"Holley, I suppose, will be here in some time. Why not wait for a few minutes more?"

"No more waiting! Holley should learn to treat me with the courtesy due to an elderly woman and her future mother-in-law." Donna replied with a hint of sarcasm,"George, my willingness to get along with Holley has been wasted by her inappropriate behavior. It would be advisable for you to reflect on this and part ways with her."

"Mom, please show some understanding and tolerance." George tried his best to defend Holley.

Donna got extremely agitated and sneered,"Now I have to leave without you. I consider it my misfortune to have to deal with such a woman."

"Aunt Donna, keep calm and do not get so annoyed." Sula offered a cup of tea to Donna and tried to soothe Donna's temper.

"Only George's break-up with Holley would satisfy me!" Donna declared, grinding her teeth.

George, seeing Donna seething with anger, immediately tried to comfort her by saying,"Mom, please regain your composure. I will call Holley right now to tell her not to come over. And I will go to see the movie with you and Sula this evening to make up for Holley's misconduct."

"That would be very generous of you," Donna gladly accepted George's offer and was pacified a little.

Sensing that Donna was in a better mood, George immediately tried to put in some good words about Holley. "I hope you can spare some good thoughts for Holley also."

"I may think about it on the condition that you please me and listen to me." Donna gave her verbal consent while trying her


"God bless her!" George felt greatly relieved at the surgeon's reassurance and requested to see Holley at once.

"You may see the patient in the public ward in some time," the surgeon replied gently and calmly.

George expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the surgeon who had saved Holley's life. Just then the brawny man came forward. He asked in a demanding and loud voice,"Are you the girl's boyfriend?"

"Yes, I am." George nodded. He then asked why the man wanted to know this.

"We just spoke over the phone," the man replied with great composure. "Now that you are here, this matter can be properly settled."

The big man eagerly began to tell the whole story. He told George how Holley and he were involved in a horrible car accident. He kept stressing as to how big an accident it was.

"Please give me a detailed account!" George encouraged him as he was eager to learn more and know the exact story.

The brawny man recalled in detail how Holley's car had collided with his. He narrated how he swiftly drove Holley to the hospital for first-aid and paid the huge medical fees out of his own pocket.

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