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   Chapter 664 Be There Or Be Square

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"Okay, whatever you say, Mom," George concluded. He no longer wanted to debate with her.

Donna continued trying his patience,"George, I need you to drive us to a local restaurant right now. We've been starving ever since we arrived in Y City." Donna knew George was waiting for Holley but she had other plans.

He frowned and said,"Mom, let's just wait a few more minutes. I'm sure Holley won't be much longer."

"I don't see any reason for me to wait for her right here!" Donna complained. "We can just as easily do it at a restaurant, while we're eating. Now, stop wasting my time and let's go!"

"But she..." George intended to argue. His words ended up trailing away, though. He wanted to take Holley's side but her lack of punctuality was frustrating him too. He decided to wait for Holley a bit longer, but Donna was growing more and more impatient.

"No more waiting, I said! Sula and I need to go eat something right now. So let's go!" Donna's demanding and condescending tone, however, was only making George more stubborn.

Seeing that, she grabbed him by the wrist and urged him on a calmer note,"We can no longer wait. Let's get to a restaurant. You can send her our location by phone afterward."

Eventually, George had to give in to her pleadings; otherwise, she would have not stopped nagging.

That wasn't enough for Donna, however. Out of nowhere she began suggesting that Sula sit in the front and beside George so she could take the backseat. According to her, that lessened her carsickness.

"Mom, since when do you get carsick?" George expressed his surprise. He knew she was lying. She had never mentioned something like that to him before. Also, the way to handle motion sickness is by sitting in the front of a vehicle, not the back. He then came to realize that perhaps Holley was right in disliking Donna, after all. She would say and do anything to get him to go after other girls.

"George, are you calling me a liar?!" she revolted.

k for Donna's consent.

Nodding, Donna agreed,"It sounds great!" She got really excited at the suggestion and began discussing food options.

Once they arrived, Sula directed George where to park nearby the restaurant's entrance. He remained in the car after Donna and Sula got out.

Confused, Sula looked at him asking for a clarification.

George mentioned having to make a phone call. He encouraged Sula and Donna to go ahead and order their food, without waiting for him. Reluctantly, the ladies went inside and left him to himself. George immediately called Holley. He could no longer handle the pressure by himself.

"I am on my way to the hotel," said Holley upon answering the phone. She didn't even wait for him to say any word before beginning to excuse herself sincerely. George interrupted her, explaining that they were already at the restaurant and that he would send her the location. Totally stressed out, he urged her to come there as soon as possible. "I'm driving as fast as I can," Holley replied reassuringly. With a loving tone, she also added,"I will make sure to offer my apologies to Donna as soon as I'm there."

Her words brought him some comfort. He sighed and reiterated,"Ok, we are waiting for you at the restaurant. I'll go ahead and send you the location. Please hurry up!"

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