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   Chapter 663 An Outsider

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"No, you can't just refuse to do this job," Holley rejected. Then she looked at Sheryl with serious eyes and said,"Maybe I have been too tolerant with you. Now you dare to reject an order from me at your will. I am telling you that you must take part in this show, is that clear?"

Then she changed her tone and persuaded,"I know you don't like Charles. But it is a good chance to earn a lot of money. You have a daughter to think about so you should work hard to earn as much as you can. Do you understand this?"

"Yes, I know. I have to think about Shirley." Sheryl had to admit Holley's words made sense.

Holley was reassured as Sheryl nodded in agreement. She walked up to Charles and said,"It has been settled. The ten models you have selected will take part in the show."

"That's good," Charles said with a slight nod. "I hope our relationship will be a long and successful one," he added.

"Sure. It will be a big success." Holley smiled and shook hands with Charles.

As soon as Charles went away, Holley immediately left for the airport. She was soon caught in a traffic jam which was caused by a small car accident. When she finally reached the airport, she couldn't find George's mother anywhere.

She got a call from George just as she was beginning to panic. He accused her as soon as she answered the phone. "Where are you, Holley? Didn't I request you to pick my mother up from the airport? Where were you?"

"I am at the airport right now." Then she said in a worried voice,"I have tried my best to locate your mother, but I can't find her."

"Check the time now! You are very late. My mom got off the plane one hour ago. Do you think she would still be waiting at the airport for you?" George said in rage. "Holley, you know my mom doesn't like you. You should have grabbed this opportunity to change her impression about you. Instead, you have screwed it up further. You never truly want to be with me I think, right?" he continued to rant in anger.

"No, I didn't mean f

back to be with him, but she couldn't voice it openly.

"She came to give me some company," Donna answered with a smile. Then she added,"Sula is just like my daughter. She once studied in Y City and is very familiar with the city. I feel reassured to have her with me. If I had to depend on a certain someone to pick me up, I would still be waiting at the airport now."

Donna tried to provoke George with these taunting words. She cast a glance at her son and asked,"So that lady still does not want to see me, right?"

George felt uncomfortable as Donna spoke such harsh words about Holley in front of Sula Piao. He frowned and said to Donna,"Mom, Holley didn't reach late on purpose. It was peak office hours. She must have got delayed by the heavy traffic jams on the road."

"Don't try to make excuses for her careless attitude." Donna flashed an impatient glance at her son and complained,"Why didn't she set out earlier to avoid the traffic jam? I think she doesn't care about me at all, let alone show any respect for me."

"Mom..." George signaled her to stop complaining. He said with a frown,"There is a guest here with us. Pay attention to what you speak."

"Guest? Who is a guest here?" Donna said with an irritated snort,"Sula is my sworn daughter. She can never be an outsider or a guest to me. She is family!"

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