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   Chapter 661 Each Family Has Its Own Problems

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6583

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Charles hung up the phone, looked up at David in the doorway and said,"Let him in, David."

David hesitated for a moment before he finally got out of the way. Anthony immediately stormed into Charles' office and headed to him.

He grabbed Charles by the collar. "Charles, what do you want?" he snarled savagely at Charles. "Didn't you hurt Autumn enough three years ago? Do you intend to completely destroy her before you decide to stop pestering her?"

"Get off me!" Charles ordered sternly and struggled to free himself from Anthony's grip. "I didn't expect you to deliver yourself to me personally before I can even find you."

Putting on a wry smile, Charles went on,"You've just come at the right time. There is actually one thing I want to clarify with you today. Whether she is Sheryl or Autumn, I'll never allow her to leave me this time. So, I advise you to remember who you really are and give her up while it's early."

"How ridiculous!" Anthony sniffed. "When Autumn was still with you three years ago, you just broke her heart. Now that she has finally moved on and completely forgotten about you, why can't you just let her go?"

Anthony glared at Charles and continued,"You didn't cherish her when she was still Autumn. Now that she's already Sheryl and she doesn't need you anymore, why would you take her back? She's not your wife anymore. We've been happy during the past three years and I won't let you just ruin it. Your presence has caused a lot of troubles in our lives so I think it is you who should stay away from us."

"Don't fool yourself, Anthony!" Charles retorted in an unflinching manner. "If you are confident that she really loves you, you should not feel threatened by me. Anyway, I am just a man she met not so long ago. If you are really important in her heart, how can I be able to destroy your relationship?"

Staring at Anthony's face, he pointed out ironically,"Anthony, you know very well that you are just her male be

t believe you before when you told me that Sheryl and Charles' relationship looked unusual. But after all this time, I realize, I was just a fool."

"Not really," Holley said with a smile. "Sheryl and Charles have not had any progress so far. Yes, they might have a crush on each other but I guess they haven't confessed it yet."

Then she, seeming to have thought of something, went on,"However, Charles seems to be so confident in winning Sheryl's heart. I think it will only be a matter of time before they get together."

"Who knows, they might already be together while we are making wild guesses here," Sue assumed.

"What's going on?" Holley pretended to be confused. "Aren't you and Sheryl best friends? Why did you suddenly..."

Before Holley could finish her sentence, Sue interrupted her,"We've fallen out." She smiled wryly. "I really don't like what she's doing. Anthony loves her so much but she doesn't cherish it. She even gets herself involved with Charles. I can't tolerate her anymore," Sue said angrily.

"You were right. I love Anthony. But since Sheryl was my best friend and Anthony was her boyfriend, I suppressed my feelings. However, Sheryl betrayed Anthony first. Now, if I take Anthony from her, she will only get what she deserves, right? Miss Ye, will you support me?"

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