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   Chapter 660 Hire A Nanny

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"Because..." Sheryl paused, wondering how to explain it to Shirley. Then she added with a smile,"Because I did something wrong and Tony is upset with me."

"What did you do, Sher?" Shirley asked. She lifted her head and looked at Sheryl with curiosity.

"You are too young to understand these things," Sheryl told her as she patted her head. Sheryl suddenly realized that she desperately needed a nanny to help her take care of Shirley. She just did not have enough time to devote to Shirley.

She went to an caretaker provider agency the same afternoon to hire a nanny for Shirley. She met and interviewed many candidates. Finally she found one woman who seemed suitable to her requirements and to her liking.

"Can you cook?" Sheryl questioned her.

"Yes, I can," she answered. She looked directly at Sheryl with kind and honest eyes. She also looked very excited and emotional at the chance of being hired.

"Okay, I think you are suitable for the job. I am willing to hire you as my daughter's nanny. Please report for work tomorrrow itself." Sheryl swiftly decided and hired her on the spot. She went home and got a room ready for the nanny. The nanny also promptly reported for work early next day.

Sheryl admitted her inside and showed her the room. "This will be your room from now on. Also, this is my daughter, Shirley," she introduced. "Shirley, say hello to…" She realized she didn't know the name of the old woman. She turned to her and asked,"What's your name, please?"

"Just call me Nancy," answered the new nanny. Nancy had registered at the domestic agency after she left Dream Garden. She had managed to survive by doing some part-time jobs all these years. She had been shocked to see Sheryl there yesterday. She was hoping that Sheryl would select her and had been elated to get the job.

She had always felt sorry about Autumn and was finally soothed and overjoyed to know that Autumn was still alive.

"Hello, Granny Nancy!" Shirley greeted her with a smile. Looking at Shirley, Nancy couldn't stop her tears from falling.

Sheryl was a little confused and perplexed at Nancy's reaction. She said to Nancy,"My name is Sheryl Xia. Your job is very easy. Just clean the house

den. "I went there very early that day and met her in the house. So I guess, she must have stayed the night. Mr. Lu is really a smart man. He has managed to regain his wife's heart in such a short time. That's awesome!" David was filled with admiration for Charles.

"Do you want to be as smooth and smart as Mr. Lu?" Alice asked. Then she warned him,"If you dare date other women, I will beat you up!"

"Of course darling, I won't dare!" David promised with a smile.

When the files were ready, he prepared to take them inside to Charles. Just then, Anthony barged in angrily and tried to enter Charles' cabin. David immediately blocked his way and asked him impatiently,"Why do you come here again? Don't you get tired coming here every now and then?"

David remembered the last time Anthony had come. He and Charles had got into a fistfight and were both injured. That had happened not so long ago and yet Anthony was here once again.

"Get out of my way!" Anthony yelled at David in contemptuous anger.

Charles realized Anthony had come as he heard his angry voice. He had been speaking with Charlie on the phone when he heard the raised voices. He immediately said,"Charlie, I have to hang up now as something has come up. I promise you I will deal with the matter of Sher."

Charlie had called Charles to inform him about what had happened to Shirley. Therefore, Charles knew at once that Anthony had come to question him after losing his temper with Sheryl.

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