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   Chapter 658 Why Don't You Trust Me

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"You..." Sue was so indignant that an arrogant sneer crept over her face. She then said to Anthony who was standing in front of her,"First of all, I shouldn't have gotten myself involved in this matter. I never intended to poke my nose into your business. You are Sheryl's boyfriend and I know I shouldn't have said all those words. However..."

Sue paused for a while before she continued,"However, I just feel it's so unfair to you. You love her so much, help her take care of her daughter, and even bought a house in the US for her to rent in a very low price. I know all those things that you did for her. But in return, how could she treat you just like this?

It isn't worth it. Even though she knew that it would hurt you, she still agreed to stay at Charles' house. She thought Charles needed her. But we all know that Charles is a rich businessman. He doesn't need Sheryl's care. He can afford to pay as many servants as he want to take care of him at his home. Why should he ask Sheryl to take care of him instead?" Sue was carried away by her emotions. It was too late before she realized that she shouldn't have told Anthony about it.

"What did you just say, Sue?" Anthony was completely stunned after hearing what Sue had said.

'Did Sue just say that Sheryl moved to Charles' house? What happened? What was going on?' Anthony wondered.

Sue was frozen upon seeing Anthony's expression. She immediately shut her mouth. Truth lies at the bottom of the decanter. She regretted saying those words. But soon, Sue realized that Anthony deceived her so she would spit out the truth in front of him.

Sue remained silent and motionless, with her head lowered.

Anthony who was anxious and irritated rushed up to her, held her shoulders and asked in a rather indignant tone,"What did you just say? Sheryl moved to Charles' house? Are you sure about that?" Anthony bombarded Sue with questions but she was still dazed. "What the hell is going on here?" Anthony added.

"Anthony, please calm down. Listen to me," Sue persuaded Anthony when she came back to her senses. She took a glance at him and said,"There's no point getting agitated. Perhaps you're taking it the wrong way. Let me explain it to you."

"No, there is no need to explain," replied Anthony in a cold tone. He sneered and continued,"You have said enough."

"Anthony, please wait..." Sue tried to stop Anthony when she saw him about to leave. However, the moment Anthony opened the door, he found Sheryl was standing outside and about to open her door as well. Sh

il this morning that he found someone to fix the car. I also wanted to call you but I couldn't get through since there was no signal in the area. We immediately drove back as soon as the car got fixed."

She looked into Anthony's eyes and continued,"I know you might be uncomfortable to find out about this but I can promise you that this will never happen again."

"Wow! But I'm afraid that those are just high-sounding words," responded Anthony. He seemed to become irrational because of rage. He could not control his emotions anymore. He still couldn't understand why Sheryl would stay with Charles for the whole night.

"Anthony, you don't need to be so sarcastic." Sheryl scowled. "I have already admitted my mistake and I have already explained the reason why I wasn't able to come back last night. As I have said, the car broke down and there was no signal so I wasn't able to call you. What do you expect me to do in such a situation?"

"Sheryl, what a poor liar you are!" Anthony laughed scornfully at her. "Do you expect me to believe that everything was just a coincidence? His car broke down somewhere and there was no signal at all. How could you have such misfortune at the same time?"

"Anthony, I am telling the truth. Whether you believe it or not, it's all up to you," Sheryl replied in an angry voice. As she finished her words, Sheryl sat in the corner angrily. She was reluctant to talk to him anymore.

Upon seeing Sheryl's expression, Anthony moved toward her. "Who do you think I am? Why won't you tell me the truth?"

Anthony glared at her. He seemed to be so distressed after hearing what she said. "Sheryl, I am your betrothed but why don't you trust me?"

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