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   Chapter 656 In Wine Lies The Truth

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5139

Updated: 2019-03-03 00:44

Sue, in a drunken stupor, belched while she spoke to Anthony,"How could Sheryl reject you just like this?"

"Sue, you better go back and sleep. Stop being a roaring drunk!" Anthony was already upset and he was about to pull Sue back.

However, Sue pushed him away with all her might and main.

"Anthony, you stay put!" Sue demanded. She then banged Sheryl's door again while shouting,"Sheryl, you better quickly open your door! Anthony deserves a proper explanation. Why are you mistreating him?"

Anthony feared that Sue's fury would disturb Shirley in the dead of night so he immediately pulled Sue away from the door.

Anthony found it difficult to drag Sue back to her room but fortunately, he made it. When they entered Sue's room, Anthony urged her to take a rest so she could recover from intoxication.

But to Anthony's surprise, Sue suddenly threw herself to his arms and spoke in a very womanish manner,"Why do you seem to worship Sheryl so much? What's in her?"

Anthony reflected Sue's question for a moment but ended up with no answer.

Actually, Anthony's love for Sheryl was driven by sensibility.

Sue continued to press Anthony for an answer,"Since Sheryl has already rejected you, why don't you just forget her and try to forge a new relationship? Find someone suitable for you.

Someone who loves you."

After she spoke, Sue vomited a lot.

Seeing Sue's miserable looks while vomiting, Anthony had no recourse but to prepare a cup of honey water to comfort her.

Anthony's gesture made Sue laugh f

y more, Sue continued,"When you and Sheryl were still together and we became bosom friends, I did everything to hide my feelings for you. I was pining with unrequited love." Sue's voice was full of pain.

Sue paused for a moment and then continued,"Now the situation has changed. Sheryl was proven to be an obscene woman undeserving of your love and I have already cut ties with her. Therefore, I think I now have every reason to start a romantic relationship with you. Besides, Sheryl has already kept a constant communication with Charles."

"What do you mean by that?" Anthony's brows furrowed upon Sue mentioning Charles' name. Anthony naturally suspected Charles of flirting with Sheryl during his absence. Now that Sue was hinting about it, his suspicion grew stronger.

Anthony bent to question Sue,"Is there something between Sheryl and Charles?"

"Please do not expect for the truth to come from me." Sue refused to confirm his question. "I promised Sheryl to keep it a secret," Sue added fuel to the fire.

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