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   Chapter 655 The Starry Sky

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Sheryl and Charles sat inside the car. She asked Charles fretfully,"So, what should we do now?"

Instead of answering her, Charles got off the car, took a bottle of mineral water out of the trunk and gave it to Sheryl. "Please drink some water first."

He appeared calm. Sheryl glanced at him and blurted,"Charles, please give me a break. Why do you keep on bothering me? Is it because I'm the spitting image of your wife?"

What had just happened got on Sheryl's nerves. Besides, it was very likely that she would spend the night with Charles in the mountains. Thus, she was on the verge of a breakdown.

Charles soothed Sheryl for quite some time before she finally calmed down. After the fact that she couldn't get back home sank in, Sheryl reclined the car seat and leaned back on her side. She tried to sleep.

After being separated for three years, it was the first time that Charles had ever been so close to Sheryl. Wide awake, he lovingly gazed at Sheryl's back.

He then decided to open the sunroof. The city was extremely colorful and bright at night. He realized that he couldn't even have the luxury of looking up at the sky with his hectic schedule, let alone marvel at the sparkling and starry sky which was a rarity in the city.

With Sheryl next to him, a sense of peace and security welled up inside him.

Charles thought Sheryl was asleep. He quietly took off his coat and gently put it over her.

Sheryl couldn't sleep at all either. She felt the warmth of the coat sweeping over her. She said in a muffled voice to Charles who was behind her,"There is no need to be so good to me. Nothing will happen between us... at any rate."

"You're still awake?" Charles asked Sheryl tenderly.

Since she already came to terms with the fact that she had to spend the night with Charles, Sheryl softened her tone a little.

She thought, 'It was unexpected that the car broke down. I don't think Charles did it on purpose.' She then asked without answering him,"Why are you awake?"

"I don't know but I can't sleep." Charles stared at the starry sky with his hands clasped b

. He knew that by being quiet, she was just beating around the bush with his question. So he decided not to force her to answer. He got plenty of time after all.

At the door of Sheryl's apartment in Y City

Shirley had fallen asleep, but Anthony couldn't.

He had made numerous phone calls to Sheryl, but her phone was off. He waited at the door hoping that he could see Sheryl immediately the moment she came home.

Anthony watched intently every time the elevator pinged. But he couldn't spot the figure he was eager to see among a horde of people coming in and out of the elevator.

'What's going on with Sheryl? Did she recall everything? Is she rekindling her love for Charles? Is she with Charles now?'

Many torturing questions flashed through Anthony's mind. The elevator pinged again. He looked up at the entrance of the elevator with so much anticipation. Instead of Sheryl, it was Sue who stepped out.

Sue had been in a bad mood since she fell out with Sheryl. She frequented bars at night and recently returned in the middle of the night. The instant she got out of the elevator, she spotted Anthony at Sheryl's door. She gave him a quick glance but glanced back again longer.

A flicker of disappointment flashed across Anthony's face when he saw Sue. Sue tottered drunkenly towards him and mumbled,"What are you doing Anthony? Why... do... you crouch at Sheryl's door?"

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