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   Chapter 654 The Car Broke Down

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6413

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"So, whom do you think you are talking with right now? Sheryl or Autumn?" Sheryl asked. Women are weird creatures. Sheryl already knew there was no difference between Autumn and herself but she still couldn't help but feel jealous.

She was deeply moved by Charles' words but could never take to be just Autumn's substitute.

"I think you must have already gotten the answer," Charles answered. Charles' absurd answer made Sheryl feel a little confused.

"We need to talk, Charles," Sheryl said. Charles nodded and said,"Yes, you're right. And that is exactly the reason why I took you here."

Sheryl looked at Charles seriously while thinking how to start the conversation.

After a while, she finally started,"I know you love Autumn very much. I totally understand your agony of losing her. But I'm different from her. If you want to be with me so you can make up for your shortcomings on her, I can't accept that. I will never be anyone's substitute."

"Sher!" Charles suddenly gripped her hand. Sheryl didn't admit that she already knew who she was so Charles also didn't expose her.

He cast a glance at Sheryl and said,"Whoever you maybe, all I want is you. You don't have to be Autumn's or anyone else's substitute."

Sheryl felt in a mess. He took her to the place where Autumn went missing three years ago and confessed his love for her. Then suddenly he would say that he also loved Sheryl.

Autumn must feel so sad if she found out that her beloved husband had fallen in love with another woman so easily.

But at present, she was already Sheryl. After knowing Charles' love for his wife, she felt so uneasy and it seemed so hard to accept his love.

She couldn't understand why Charles would chose such an inappropriate way to express his feelings.

"Please agree to be with me," Charles pleaded. His palms began sweating. The one he was asking was the woman he loved the most so he co

f the car. "There's a problem with the water tank," he answered.

"So what should we do now?" she asked with so much concern. She had never come across such a problem.

"Don't worry, I'll call for help." Charles took his cellphone out only to discover that there was no signal in the area.

Sheryl got more worried and couldn't help but blame Charles,"This is all your fault. If you hadn't taken me to such a desolate place, this wouldn't have happened. How should I go back now?"

"Take it easy," he consoled. On the other hand, Charles felt happy inside. God was giving him more time to spend with Sheryl. "I'll handle it," he added.

Charles had been here before and have already checked the neighborhood while looking for Autumn, so he was somehow familiar with the place. He remembered, there was a village nearby and he could go there to ask for help.

But he didn't tell Sheryl about it because he wanted to spend longer time with her.

"What should I do?" she asked desperately. She wasn't convinced that there was no network signal so she took her own cell phone to personally check. To her dismay, Charles wasn't lying at all.

It was already getting dark. Should she stay here with Charles for the whole night? A horrible idea came up Sheryl's mind.

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