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   Chapter 653 I Won't Let You Go

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6951

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"We're here," Charles told Sheryl as the car parked outside a dilapidated warehouse. He got out of the car, went around to the passenger side, pulled the door open and said,"You can get out now."

"Where are we?" Sheryl asked. There was a certain?hesitation?in her voice. The place was unfamiliar to her but she could feel a familiar sense of fear instinctively. It was as if something untoward and terrifying was about to happen.

"Don't be afraid. I'm with you," Charles comforted her and held her hand. "Come on, I'd like to show you something." Charles' gentle voice allayed Sheryl's fear.

She looked up to him. His eyes seemed to be so magical that Sheryl plucked up enough courage to face her fear. Holding Charles' hand, she got out of the car.

For some reasons, she just trusted Charles.

She could not bear to see the slightest hint of sadness in Charles' beautiful eyes.

Charles then led her to the warehouse. While holding her hands, he could feel that Sheryl's hand was still as soft and comfortable as it had been three years ago.

It was about a ten-minute walk from the parking area to the gate of the dilapidated warehouse. Sheryl didn't say a word along the way. The closer she got to their destination, the more upset she felt.

Had Charles not been by her side, she might not have had the courage to go on.

"Here we are," Charles said when they arrived at the gate. He then turned to look at Sheryl and asked,"Do you remember this warehouse?"

"What is... this place?" Sheryl questioned. Her high-pitched voice denoted her panic. Her face was white as a sheet and her lips trembled with fear. She had dreamed of this place many times before and they were nightmares for her. She didn't expect to be in front of this building right now.

"What the hell is this place?" she cried out and tightened her grip on Charles' hand. When Charles noticed her uneasiness, he put his arms around her.

"Don't freak out. Let's go inside and have a look," he said softly.

Charles knew very well that this warehouse was Sheryl's worst fear. The re

shed and her heart rate doubled when she heard Charles confessing his love for his wife. Shyly, she quickly looked away.

"What if she comes back to you?" she asked, still looking away. "Can you guarantee that she will never be hurt again?" This time Sheryl had a bitter smile on her face.

"Yes, of course," Charles immediately answered. "If she comes back to me, I'll tell her how much I love her and I'll take care of her for the rest of my life," he added solemnly. "But... "

Sheryl was touched by Charles' words. She felt a warm current flowed through her heart when she found out that Charles had been thinking about her for the past three years.

She then took an inquiring glance at Charles and questioned,"But what?"

"She has been missing for three years. I don't know if she could still come back." Charles looked at Sheryl in dismay.

"What do you mean?" Sheryl frowned at what she heard. "Are you giving up now?"

"No, I'm not," Charles instantly denied. "Although I haven't found her in the past three years, I've come to meet you. I know you are a gift from God. Sheryl, I won't let you go this time."

Charles clutched Sheryl's hand and looked straight in her eyes. "Whoever you are, I know that you're the one for me. From now on, I promise to protect you and I'll never let you get harm. Please, just give me a chance to love you," Charles begged.

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