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   Chapter 652 Sheryl's Abduction

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5689

Updated: 2019-03-03 00:10

Sheryl smiled bitterly and asked softly,"Charles, who do you think you are hugging? Is it Autumn or me?"

She had already known she was Autumn. There was no difference no matter he took her as herself or Autumn. But she couldn't help but tease Charles with the question.

She just couldn't accept the fact that she was Autumn.

"Don't you know how much I love you?" Charles asked bitterly. He withdrew his hands and sorrowfully stared at her eyes.

He had suffered enough. He wondered why Sheryl still couldn't read the content of his heart.

"You love me? I don't know that." Sheryl turned back to face Charles and said,"I just know I'm Sheryl. I'm Anthony's girlfriend and we are going to be married soon."

Sheryl cast a glance at Charles and said,"I have told you everything clearly and hope you won't bother my life anymore. Why don't you listen to me?"

"Come with me!" Charles grasped Sheryl's wrist suddenly and dragged her out of the ward. Taken aback, Sheryl patted Charles' hand with all her strength but couldn't shake it off.

"Let go of me, Charles!" Sheryl screamed. Charles didn't care about what she said and dragged her into the elevator. As the door of the elevator closed, he saw Anthony staring at him. He stood outside the elevator, as his face got pale out of anger and shock. Charles flashed a cold smile towards his competitor.

From then on, the battle between the two men began. Charles decided not to give way this time.

"Charles! You are crazy!" Sheryl yelled. Sheryl didn't saw Anthony and tried her best to get rid of Charles' hand. Charles got a bit annoyed and warned Sheryl,"If you dare to struggle more, I will kiss you!"

Sheryl's face blushed red


Sheryl clenched her teeth out of anger. She stared at Charles and inquired,"How could you be so rude?"

"Because it doesn't work whenever I treat you like a gentleman." Charles added,"I was worried that you would feel uneasy, so I was careful and respectful as I got along with you previously. But that only gave you more chances to avoid me. So I decided to do what I want directly. You can go on trying to stay away from me, but I don't care about what you think anymore. I'll court you whether you like it or not."

Too irritated, Sheryl was rendered speechless.. She cast a contemptuous glance at Charles and remarked,"You're really a jerk!"

'How could I fall in love with such a shameless man?' she asked herself.

They had spent quite a long time on the road. When Charles saw Sheryl early that day, he had decided that he must take actions the soonest. He must tell her everything that was in his heart once and for all.

So he brought her to the warehouse where she was imprisoned by Ferry three years ago. Everything started in the warehouse. He would rather rebuild their relationship from the same place.

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