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   Chapter 651 Sheryl Discharged From The Hospital

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7361

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"Nothing happened," said Isla. Isla didn't want to lie to Aron because he was the closest person to her. But she had promised Sheryl she wouldn't tell anyone.

She just couldn't break her words. She was also unsure whether she should tell Charles about it or not.

Isla tossed and turned in her bed almost the whole night trying to figure out the answer to that mind-boggling question.

In her heart, all she wished was to make her best friend happy. Charles was not able to protect Sheryl from the danger at that time. Sheryl had suffered a lot of torture. But he too had gone through enough hardships these past three years in return.

Isla knew Sheryl once loved Charles with all her heart. Now, she just forgot what happened in the past.

She struggled for a long time and decided to tell Charles. Whether Charles would try to regain Sheryl's heart would be up to him.

The following morning, Isla got up early and thought of calling Charles but changed her mind. She realized that he could already be in his office. She decided to pay him a visit. She surmised that it was better to tell him face to face.

Charles was having a meeting when she arrived. She waited for him in his office. A little later, Charles adjourned the meeting and went back to his office. He found Isla seated on the couch waiting for him. "Good morning, Isla. What brought you here so early?" he asked in surprise.

"Morning Charles! Sorry to bother you this early but I have something really important to tell you." Charles sat on the chair beside his office desk and prepared to work. Isla got up from the couch and approached him. "Hey, what's up with you and Sheryl?" she inquired.

Charles paused for a while and heaved a deep sigh. Then he answered,"She seems to hate me. She is also allergic to get too close to me."

"So, that's it? You're just gonna give up?" Isla got very worried as she probed.

"How could that be possible?" Charles glanced at Isla and added,"You know very well I don't give up easily."

No matter how cold Sheryl treated him, she was the only one he loved. He loved her so much that he would never give up on her. "I will do everything to win her heart back," he uttered d

acking up as Anthony left. Just a bit later, the door of the ward opened. Sheryl thought that the person who entered the ward was Anthony. Without looking, she exclaimed,"Have you finished the procedure? That's too quick!"

The intruder didn't answer. Instead, she felt something wrong when she realized that she was abruptly pressed into someone's arms. That was before she could even see a face.

But, she immediately recognized it was Charles through his familiar smell.

She tried to push Charles away but he hugged her tightly. She couldn't move in his arms and had to shout at him,"Charles what's wrong? Let go of me!"

"No Sheryl, I won't!" he rejected. Then he mumbled as he spoke,"Sheryl, I will never let you leave me."

"Charles, what are you saying? Are you insane?" Sheryl asked with an arched brow. She wanted to push him away but restrained herself as she felt the restlessness and sadness from his voice.

"Yes, I am insane," he said with a bitter smile. He had already gone insane when she went missing three years ago.

Charles must have been out of his mind and totally devastated if Sheryl didn't show up.

"You gotta let me go, Charles!" she blurted as she struggled to free herself from his embrace. He hugged her tightly and long enough. Sheryl couldn't bear it any more. She ordered,"Get your hands off me, please!"

But Charles continued to hug her even more tightly and decided not to give her any chance to get rid of him.

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