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   Chapter 649 Flustered

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"Tony…" Shirley murmured. She had been standing in the corner. It was the first time that she saw Anthony in such a bad mood so she didn't know what to do. She dared not approach him until she saw him calming down.

She tugged Anthony's sleeve and asked,"Will Sher be all right?"

"Yes." Anthony's voice was full of assurance. He didn't want to scare Shirley more. Sheryl was already inside the ward being taken cared of some doctors. Anthony squatted, touched Shirley's head, and said with a smile,"Shirley, just stay here with Sheryl, okay? I'll go out to buy some food first."

"Okay." Shirley nodded cleverly.

When Anthony came out of the hospital, he lit a cigarette. He could still feel his body trembling. The doctor's words lingered in his mind.

'Sheryl's memories would soon come back. If that day comes, what should I do?'

Anthony was racking his brains while smoking some cigarettes one after another. In the end, he still didn't come up with a solution.

Anthony stayed outside for almost 30 minutes. It wasn't until he finished a pack of cigarette that he went to buy food. When he came back to the ward, Shirley was already lying beside Sheryl and the two were talking.

Seeing Anthony enter, Sheryl struggled to sit and asked,"Where have you been?"

"I went to buy some food for you and Shirley." Acting as if nothing had happened, Anthony raised the meal box in his hand and said,"It's still hot. Come on, you better start eating before it gets cold."

"It would have been better that we just ate at home if I had known this would happen," Sheryl responded with a bitter smile. "Anthony, what happened today was really embarrassing," she added.

"Silly girl. You don't have to feel that way," Anthony smiled and comforted her. Then he opened the box. "Come and eat now."

"I'm not hungry yet," Sheryl refused. "You eat with Shirley first. I want to sleep for a while."

"Alright, take a rest now. Just let me know what you want to eat when you wake up." Anthony agreed.

"Okay," Sheryl replied shortly and laid down on the bed again. Anthony was actually not hungry at all. So, he just waited for Shirley to finish eating befor

changed her clothes. Aron just came back from their daughter's room because he sent her to bed. When he saw Isla changing her clothes, he asked in puzzlement,"What happened? Where are you going? It's already very late."

"Autumn called me and she wants to see me," she explained in a hurry. They still preferred to call her Autumn instead of Sheryl when there were no other people around.

Aron knitted his brows. "Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"I don't know." Isla shook her head. Sheryl didn't tell her the reason why she wanted to see her. "This is the first time that Autumn contacted me after she came back so I couldn't just let this pass. I have to go and meet her. I'm not sure what time I will be back so just go to bed and don't wait for me anymore. It's already too late."

"How about I drive you there?" Aron suggested. He was worried that his wife would go out alone at this time of the night. But Isla refused.

"No, I'll just go by myself." Isla got in the car and checked her cell phone. She found out that the address Sheryl gave her was a hospital. When she got there, she looked for her ward number. There, she found Sheryl lying on her hospital bed. Isla was flustered. "What's wrong with you? What happened?"

"I'm fine," Sheryl replied. Although Sheryl already had a doubt that she might be Autumn, she still couldn't remember everything so she still felt a little bit weird seeing Isla's distraught expression.

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